Back to the Beginning

Lots of brides have contacted us to assist them in their plans for their wedding day and interesting enough, when I ask a bride, “What are your top priorities with regard to your wedding?” and “What money has been budgeted for that portion?”, those questions stop most of them right then and there, or I get vague answers like, “Oh, I want a nice wedding.” or “I don’t know, what’s the most economical price I can get.”

So, I decided today it would be a good time to review the first of four steps in planning your wedding.  Step one is for you brides with a ring on your finger and no specific plans as yet.  You have spread the wedding news to family and friends and are just starting the journey of creating the wedding of your dreams.

Church and Flowers

Tonight both you and your fiancé should answer the following question, “What kind of wedding do WE want?”

Rank Your Priorities – Small Intimate, Grand Elegant, Religious, Elopement w/Reception– what type of wedding do your envision?  Don’t say “Nice”.  That can be any of the above.  What’s your style – casual or formal?  Do you plan to have lots of family and friends?    Do you love the outdoors and want a sunset ceremony?  Do you want to dance the night away with a big band and a ballroom that will make you feel like Cinderella?  Bear in mind, you might each have different ideas.  I always say that wedding planning is a great time for couples to really see how well they work together to solve problems.  If your ideas are different – can you agree on something both of you will love?

In addition, priorities also extend to other portions of the wedding.  Is a live band important?  Is photography high on the list of priorities?  Each of you need to share with one another one element of the wedding day that is important to you, and then your plans can be created around those needs.

Other than setting a budget which is Step Two – these priorities will determine a lot about your wedding and additional detail will fall into place.

….to be continued tomorrow.

For your complimentary copy for the Bride “Priority Chart for Bride” click here.  For your complimentary copy for the Groom “Priority Chart for Groom” click here.


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