Choosing a Theme or Color for Your Wedding

Color Combinations for Weddings, BrideStLouis Wedding PlanningCongratulations to many of you that are newly engaged.  It’s an exciting time in your life and we want you not to stress over the task of planning your wedding.  While it is probably the biggest event that you ever orchestrated, just take it step by step.

So, one of the first steps besides the budget is to choose a theme or color that best represents you – the bride and groom – as a couple.  There are many ways of doing this, like choosing a shared interest, favorite hobby or leisure time activity.  I’ve seen Lego Weddings, Book Theme weddings based for favorite books, Movie Themes, Country Weddings – you name it!  Some couples love to dance and they base their reception on that.

Some couples just choose a style – like Old World Elegance, Fairytale & Romance, or perhaps Seasonal Themes depicting their favorite time of year…a Winter Wonderland or a Fall Harvest Wedding.   A Harry Potter theme has happened as well as The Great Gatsby.

And then there is color.  Color can reflect your style and personality as well.

  • White – Purity, Innocence and Fresh Beginnings
  • Yellow – Wisdom, Happiness, Intellectual Energy
  • Pink – Love, Beauty, Fun Personality
  • Red – Strength, Health, Vitality
  • Blue – Youth, Peace, Tranquility
  • Green – Harmony, Balance, Flexible & Unique
  • Silver – Calmness, Elegance
  • Gold – Wealth, Power, Tending to Extravagance
  • Black – Sophisticated, Controlling, Perfectionist, Dominant

So – what’s your color and theme?

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