Wedding Planning – The Budget

Both you and your fiancé have determined your priorities and you have made a decision on the money that can be allocated toward your wedding, and where those funds will come from.  The next part is to create a budget based on your priorities.  You have probably heard that the average wedding is over $20K, and if your funds no way match this amount, don’t fret.

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You can download a budget worksheet  that lists the breakdown of various wedding expenses by category in our eBOOK  “Wedding Planning for the Midwest Bride.”   (Available in the  section “Inspiration Galleries and Checklists”  of our website.  You will see for example that 50% is allocated to the reception venue, 8% to music, 10% to flowers and décor, etc.  That amount is “the average” that is spent on each portion of the wedding.  But that is not going to be YOUR average.  Go back to your priorities.   If you both agreed that you love good music, then enough money should be penciled in on that line.  Perhaps spending thousands for a dress you will wear only once is not a big thing, so adjust the entry on that line accordingly.

In addition, after you penciled in figures, there could be changes.  For example, let’s say you figured on $1000.00 for your site fee and officiant, but the site fee was included complimentary with the venue, and your cost is now just $250.00.  You can move that extra $750.00 to another category.  Your budget gives you a guideline and overview, and allows you to stay within your total funds available.


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