What are the proper social conventions when addressing invitations?

Today’s different social lifestyles can add lots of complication.

Are you confused about how to properly address your invitations?

Use these social conventions when addressing your wedding invitations:


Proper Social Conventions when addressing wedding invitations




Ms. Jane Doe

When addressing a woman who has been divorced, it is customary to honor whatever name she goes by, using the prefix Ms.



Example:  Mrs. Jane Doe

When addressing a widow, user her full married name.




Mr. David Day

Ms. Jane Doe

If there are two unmarried people who live together, list their names on two separate lines alphabetically.



Example:  Dr. Mary Anderson & Mr. Richard Evans

Whichever of the married couple is a doctor, he or she is listed first.


Married Doctors:

Example:  The Doctors Jackson



Dr. Amy Jackson

Dr. Jason Jackson

If the couple happens to both be doctors you can choose between either example.  You can list them as The Doctors Jackson or on two separate lines alphabetically by first name.
Couples of the Same Sex:

Example:  Ms. Betty Black & Ms. Linda White



Ms. Betty Black

Ms. Linda White

In the case of a same sex couple, list both names on one line, or, if they don’t fit, on separate lines, alphabetically by first name.

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