Traditions that come from Irish Weddings

Traditionally in Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day is considered the luckiest day of the year to be married. Whether you have ancestral roots in Ireland or just want to add a little luck o’ the Irish to your celebration, we are sharing some ways to bring some Irish wedding traditions into your wedding day!
Origin of the “Honeymoon” – Did you know in ancient Ireland, newlyweds were toasted with a mead made of honey, and were given the brew to drink for 30 days, or otherwise known as a moon’s cycle? Hence the honeymoon!
It’s an Irish Wedding Tradition to incorporate Irish Lace. Queen Victoria transformed bridal fashion with her white Irish lace gown for her 1840 wedding, and in more recent times, also by Princess Diana and Duchess Kate Middleton.
And in Celtic tradition, braids represent female power and good luck.
One of our most famous and signature traditions, the term tying the knot actually comes from the ceremony tradition of wrapping the couples hands in fabric, knotting the couples’ hands together. This gesture of the love knot represents unity through thick and thin. We’re proud to see it recreated in many wedding ceremonies across the world!
And then at the end of your event, be sure to serve some Irish Coffee!
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