Is a Tent for your Outdoor Wedding in Your Budget?


Are you planning an outdoor wedding?  If so, do you have contingency plans in place?  What happens if it rains on your wedding day?  Can you afford to rent a tent?  Having room in your budget for a tent will keep you sane and stress free, and even if it’s a bright and sunny day, your guests will appreciate a place to get out of the sun.

If you are only days away from your wedding and rain is predicted chances are that you are not the only one looking for a tent.  You’ve probably spent every penny of your wedding budget, so adding a tent – which costs quite a bit – can push you far beyond what you wanted to spend.

So first – does your location have amble space for a tent and is it allowed?  Secondly, what size tent do you need?  If you have up to 100 guests a 30×60 canopy tent should be fine.  Over 200 guests requires a tent at least 40×80.  You need to allow space for a dance floor, DJ, buffet, bar and possibly a photo booth.  Your catering company will also need to be covered by an additional smaller tent placed close to the event tent.  Then what type of tent do you want?  A Pole Tent works best on a grassy area and is secured with stakes.  There will be at least one center pole supporting the tent.  A frame tent can be place on relatively any surface and there are no center poles to obstruct your view and event layout.

When pricing tents ask the following questions:

  • Is labor to setup and tear down the tent included?
  • What are the delivery and pickup fees?
  • How long will it take to construct the tent?
  • Is the tent weatherproof?
  • Do you provide linens, drapery, lighting?  Chandeliers are popular options in a white wedding tent – is that available?  Can I string lights myself?  What about uplighting?  Is there electrical service to the area?
  • Do you provide side walls?  Side walls are great in rainy weather and will need to be installed as the tent is set up.  They can block the view of the property, but will help in keeping guests dry and warm.
  • Do you provide a dance floor?   Are there other flooring options?

Here are three local companies that are experienced in our area with tent rentals.

  • Event Partners,
  • Weinhardt Party Rentals,
  • Fund Ways of Missouri,

A tent wedding can cost more than a beautiful banquet facility, but can be very beautiful..   So, have a beautiful outdoor wedding – and plan for a tent just in case!  You know what they say about the ST. Louis weather!


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