So what do you think?

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So, what do you think?

Last December I reached out to a number of experts in the wedding industry and asked, “What are your predictions for future weddings?”  Let me share with you some of what they expect, and then I would love to hear back from you as to how you feel about their ideas and predictions.  Email us at [email protected].

  1. More brides will wear hair crowns rather than traditional veils.  This trend has been seen on lots of runways and was prominent with the designers.  I am told that brides are looking for more glamorous details.  So beside hair crowns, they will be adding bows, headpieces, braids and other similar types of accessories.
  2. Bridal Dresses are in transition. More designers are making convertible wedding dresses – brides can transform from ceremony to reception with the long to short skirt.   Pockets are being added – that’s great!   How many of you brides have asked for pockets to hold that hankie, lipstick, etc.   Off the shoulder wedding dresses and low backs will be hot!
  3. Metalics! Gold, Copper, Silver.  You will see it in décor, dresses, invitations, centerpieces – everywhere!  Brides are going back to that touch of elegance.
  4. Pinterest is out! Why copy what someone else has done?  Brides are adding their own style, theme and ideas.  The bride of 2016 wants to enjoy her wedding – it’s not a fashion shoot!  In fact, more brides want only one photographer, and one who is capturing the story of the day discreetly.  Most brides will dedicate a small amount of time for an elegant bridal portrait, and then let the party time begin.  And, more and more brides are going away from running around town with their wedding party, capturing the same type of images with different background.
  5. Rustic is out. Classic Vintage is still trending.  Many brides look for unique décor that inspires their theme and style.  Many old world pieces of art are being used as centerpieces, with the couple then displaying those items in their home.  Gone are the 15 hurricane candle holders and floating candles.
  6. Fewer Guests. More intimate weddings.  Budgets are very tight and couples are limiting their invitation list to select friends and family.    The trend is definitely toward fewer guests.

So – what do you think?

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