How to Protect Your Wedding Dress



Whether you are wearing a new wedding gown or an heirloom wedding gown, you want your wedding dress to be perfect in every way.  Here are some tips to make sure your dress stays in tip top shape.

Prior to the Wedding:

Avoid excessive handling of your gown.  Clean hands are a must.  Carefully and fully inspect your gown – inside and out.  Check the beading – is it sewed or glues?  Some glued beads cannot withstand dry cleaning or even a gentle wet cleaning process.  Look at the pleats.  Some pleats may not withstand cleaning, pressing or steaming without losing their crispness or structure.  Inspect your gown for loose trim – make sure all ends are properly sewed.  Check the hook and eyelets at the top of the zipper – is it secure.

Finally, always hang your wedding dress from the loops inside the gown which are attached to the side seams.  And please, no wire hangers.  Protect your gown from exposure to light and air by wrapping it in a clean sheet and never keep your gown in a plastic bag as fabric needs to breath.

After your Wedding Day:

It is important to have your wedding dress properly cleaned by a Wedding Gown Specialist.  Make sure your cleaner can remove sugar, salt, and acid stains – seen or unseen.  Sugar stains can cause yellowing or caramelizing leaving ugly brown stains on your bridal gown.  Pack in 100% acid free tissue to eliminate permanent creases and fold.  Many cleaners here have special see through boxes that are acid free that are perfect for storing your dress.

A little preventive care goes a long way.  After all, your daughter just might be wearing your wedding dress in the future.

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