Just a Few More Alternative Bridal Shower Ideas

Ribbon Bouquet


So when it comes time to planning a bridal shower, you know the job is not easy.  You want something unique and special – something that’s not done 100 other times.  The key to a successful bridal shower is to aim for activity that breaks the ice between people who don’t know each other yet.

Here are a few additional games that just might be the perfect activity for your day.

Around the Clock Shower

Guests are each changer with bringing a gift that represent a certain time of the day.  So someone responsible for 7AM might bring an assortment of coffees, teas, etc.  And a guest with a 9pm time frame might bring along some relaxation items like bath oils, pillows, etc.  Let your guests determine what to bring – just give them a time of day.

The Book Shower

This is great for the bride who loves books!  The idea is for each gift giver to give a book for a specific category such:

  •             A good cookbook
  •             A book based on the bride’s hobbies, interest, etc.
  •             A book of humor and fun savings
  •             A travel guide book for the honeymoon
  •             A relationship book
  •             A home decorating book

The Musical Prize Game

This is easy and fun and a great ice breaker.  Play some music and have guests start passing around a present, and when the music stops, the person holding the gift is eliminated.  Continue rounds of this.  The person who makes it all the way through gets to keep the gift.

Enjoy this Labor Day Weekend!

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