Alternatives to the Traditional Bridal Shower

Micro-Brewery-TustinThere are lots of alternatives to the “at home” bridal shower that you might like to consider.  Sometimes it more fun to plan an activity that everyone would enjoy.   One of the most popular today is the Micro-Brewery Party where guests brew up their own beer.   And don’t forget the Wine & Cheese Tastings that can be fun as well.

Then, of course, you can go for a more relaxed event such as a “Spa Night” for everyone after a Yoga Class for relaxation.

If your wedding party is scattered across the country, try a Skype party.  This takes a little preplanning, but can be a lot of fun.  Have delivered to each guest a “party box of goodies” that everyone can open and share together online.

A night at the casino or spending a night together to see to the Cardinals can also be fun.

Just think about what your bride and guests would enjoy and go have a great time.   Best of all, there is no mess to clean up at home afterward!


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