Have a SWEET Wedding!

Desserts are a big part of the wedding day experience for your guests.  However, you don’t have to stick just with the traditional cake.  Here are some ideas to add a more personal touch.  Yes, you can have your cake, plus these sweet things too!

Milk And Cookies at a Wedding - BrideStLouis.com


Milk & Cookies

Nothing beats a stack of fresh baked cookies and a glass of milk. Cookies will satisfy each guests’ sweet tooth, while the glass of milk gives them a refreshing boost for the night’s festivities.  This is a great item to serve later in the reception before guests start departing.



Ice Cream Sundaes

Having a summer wedding?  Reception spaces can get hot as the night goes on and the dancing starts. Cool down with a refreshing ice cream sundae. Create a sundae bar for guests to make their own and choose their toppings.   Also be sure to check out Dipping Dots as well, as they can provide everything for you without the hassle!  Talk to Ben or contact him at [email protected]

Donuts for Your Sweet Wedding by BrideStLouis.com




I never knew anyone who doesn’t like doughnuts!  Choose doughnuts decorated with your wedding color palette to make an adorably delicious snack for late at night.





Pastries & Dessert Bars

Dessert pastries are the perfect compromise between carbs and sugar. From cannolis to croissants, channel that corner bakery with a delectable selection for your guests.  Add some macarons or fresh baked pies for lots of choices.  Nothing Bundt Cakes makes these absolutely delicious little “buntinis” (bit size bundt cake) that could be perfect as well!  Check out Nothing Bundt Cake in Chesterfield at 159 Lamp and Lantern Village.

So, let there be sweet treats for all!


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