FREE Wedding Planning Ebook

Free eBbook for Wedding PlanningPeople who know me know that I am very cautious when it comes to money.  However, I love beautiful things.  When planning your wedding you will find that having the right attitude is 99% of the reason that your wedding can capture those great ideas that save money but yet not compromise too much on the overall look and quality of your wedding.  Let me explain.

It is all about flexibility and priority.  For some brides, the perfect location is top priority.  For example one bride might say it must be outside, it must have an ambiance that speaks romance and it must reflect the glamour of the day.    That’s a top priority for this bride and she will pay the price to have the perfect venue that matches her vision.  At the same time, she might not care about serving the elegant four course sit down dinner, and so, she opts to provide food stations or a buffet service that can significantly save her big dollars.  It’s all about priorities.

In my eBook “Wedding Planning for The Midwest Bride” I talk about the four steps to planning a wedding, with the first step being creating priorities and setting a budget.  If you would like to receive a FREE copy of this eBook, email us at [email protected].  This free eBook is an absolute must as it is way better than the ones you find in wedding magazines.

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