Don’t Have Regrets!


Winter Bride in White Stole


When I ask brides who decide to have a “family friend” photograph their wedding or why they cut the budget for photography, I usually receive one of the two responses below.


  1.  I want to spending my money on the things that are more visually gratifying such as the flowers, my dress (of course), the food, and the venue.
  2.  I think that my friend’s images are “good” and that that he/she can do a good job.

And then I have asked those same brides after they were married, how they felt about their photos.  The first thing that many brides will say to me is, “Yes, you were right.”  I regret not hiring a professional photographer.  I guess I was focused on making the day the best it could be, and forgot that the photography would help me remember that day more clearly for the rest of my life.  The day went so quickly!  Or, “I like the images good enough but they he/she didn’t capture our first kiss (or the walk down the aisle….that could be just about anything here), and I feel that I can’t really say anything to her/him about that.”   Our reception was very dimly lit and she/he didn’t get photos of that part of the day.

Don’t have regrets.  The value of remembering your day with great images has no price.


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