Do you have concerns about your “Father” giving you away?

Bride with Son

In today’s crazy mixed up world, there are lots of “fathers” who are “fathers” in name only.   One of the hardest decisions many brides have is whether to have their biological father walk them down the aisle, or should they ask someone who is closer to them, someone who has helped them to be the person they are and helped them along the way.

Some brides that I know have had their mother escort them down the aisle, as their mother was the most significant person in their lives.  Others have had brothers to do the honors.  When this occurs, many brides simply invite their biological father as any other guests.  Their rational for this decision is that they are not entitled to the honors that come with being “Father of the Bride.”   Some brides choose not to even invite the person that is “Father” in name only.  Do any of our future brides have a similar issue?  We would love to hear from you what your plans are.




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