Create a Fun Seating Chart Using Old Photos


Want an instant conversation piece?  This is so easy and so fun!  First – find meaningful photos of each of your wedding guests.  It could be a picture of you and Aunt Betty at a family reunion, or a photo of you with your Uncle Jim at his Christmas Party, or just a photo of your guest.  Searching for the photos is probably the hardest part – but also the most fun.  It should bring back lots of great memories and it’s a great way to introduce your significant other to family members before the wedding.  Have the photos printed as 4X6 prints and hang them on twine between two polls.  On the back of each photo add their name, your names, wedding date, and table number.  (You can use a blank line for the table number and fill that it closer to your event as things tend to change.)

Finally, print out a small instruction sheet for your guests.  It could say something like:  “Our Memories of our Favorite People.  Locate and take the photo of you.  Your table will be displayed on the back of the photo.”

And as a bonus, on your wedding day your guests will enjoy sharing their photos with each other.  It’s a great “opener” to help blend two families together.

Image Credit:  Jesse Kitt Photography

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