Be prepared!

Couple sharing time

Be prepared!   Here are some solutions for many bridal day issues.

  • Rain – It is what it is.  Have a backup plan and perhaps give everyone in your wedding party inexpensive parasols.  And they say, it is Good Luck to rain on your wedding day.
  • Getting dizzy while standing at the altar – Many people lock their knees.  If you start to feel light headed sit down immediately.  When you stand a long time blood can pool in your legs making you feel light-headed.
  • Red Wine Spills – Stain removal wipes work wonders.  The sooner you take action the more likely you will remove the spot completely.
  • Ripped Hem – Double sided fabric tape will come to the rescue.
  • Sore feet – You found a gorgeous pair of shoes that torture your toes, but you had to have them.  Wear them for the ceremony and photos, and put on a more comfortable pair as soon as possible.  You don’t want to spoil your day by feeling terrible.

And don’t forget to eat a good breakfast the day of the wedding and stay hydrated.  Drink lots of water during the day.  Use straws to sip your water to avoid ruining your lipstick.

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