4 Tips to Tackle Thank You Notes with EASE!

Dread writing those “THANK YOU” Notes?

Yes, I said EASE!  It’s one of those tasks that seems endless and like most couples, newlyweds struggle at finding just the right mix of graciousness mixed with personal thankfulness.  And then there is the task of finding enough time, as well, to write them.

So – keep this blog handy – because you will thank me.



FOUR TIPS To Say “DONE” to writing Thank You Notes:

Tip #1:  Write thank you notes as the gifts arrive.

Tip #2:  As the wedding gets closer, gifts will come in more frequently.  To stay on top of this task, set a daily quota.  I think somewhere between five or six is perfect.  It’s a pace that won’t burn you out.

Tip #3:  Have you future husband help with this task.  United, the task goes quicker.  At six a day, you each have just three to write.

Tip #4HERE IS WHAT MAKES IT PAINLESS – Use my template.

Dear (add name of friend/relative)

Thank you so much for the (lovely/generous/great/wonderful/beautiful/awesome)(gift).  We (plan to use it/have used it/really admire it)  (It was great to visit with you at the wedding as it meant a lot to us. / We are sorry that you couldn’t be there.)

Again, thank you ever so much for your gift.  We will cherish/use it for years to come.

(Love/Sincerely/Warmly/With Love)

(Sign both of your names) …Do this in ink with different looking signatures.  It only times a few seconds.



  • Always mention the gift by name.  Keep a record of each gift and the giver.
  • Always say how you plan to use the gift.  While some gifts might never see the light of day, you can fudge it with words like, “We’ve saving it for a special Holiday occasion.”
  • If the gift is cash.  Thank them for the gift of $xxx, and then say, “We plan to buy XXXX with it.”

Remember to Send Thank You notes within six weeks of receiving the gift

See, it is easy!


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