The Sand Ceremony

The Sand Ceremony has gained popularity with many brides and it is a simple, visually appealing ritual that leaves the newlyweds with a wonderful keepsake of their wedding day.  Plus, if there are children from one or both partners, they can also participate and feel as if they are part of the ceremony as well.

The Sand Ceremony involves a symbolic blending of two or more different colored sands into a single container.   Some brides use a glass bowl for the final container and other like the type of container that resembles a picture frame.


What this ritual means is that two (or more if there are children) different beings (families) combine into a single inseparable unit – the marriage – the joining of lives and families.    The physical end result is a glass container holding the beautiful, blended, mixed sand sculpture.

Another way to personalize this ceremony is to leave a bit of sand in each original vessel, symbolizing the fact that each person will maintain his or her individuality even as their lives are joined.

I have also known brides to use sand from favorite beaches or vacation spots as well.   The colors of the sand can match the colors of the bridal party, but these colored sands usually have to be ordered as most retail stores only stock the basic purple, aqua blue, white, and lilac colors.  One such place is .  You will find delightful color selections such as Apple Green. Azalea, Bluebird, Burnt Orange, Cocoa, Cobalt, Cherry, Emerald, Fern, Jade, Magenta, Mango, Wisteria and many more!   In fact, I counted 97 different shades!


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