Keeping harmony – your relationship with your Mother as you plan your wedding.

Now that you have announced your coming nuptials, one of the things you should decide is what role or part will your Mother play in planning this wedding.   Some Mothers are “the” wedding planner, others are simply a participant, and then there is that role somewhere between the two opposites.    This discussion with your Mother early on in the wedding planning is extremely important, because you both need to understand and agree what part she will play in this wedding.   Some Mothers tend to be so excited and overzealous that they take over planning your wedding – a wedding that in no way resembles what you had in mind.  Putting the brakes on her can be an extremely delicate and sensitive task.  Hurt feelings are bound to occur in this situation.

Topics that should be covered include the Wedding Budget – who pays for what, who makes the final decisions regarding guest lists, venues, etc. and what tasks you would like for her to assist you with.



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