Everything you Need to Know about Buying a Wedding Dress

Congratulations!  You’re getting married.  As a young girl, you probably have always dreamed or at least thought of your wedding day.  And every girl when they get their ring wants to start wedding dress shopping.  However, once you start, you will quickly understand how overwhelming it can be.  With thousands of dresses and styles available, you can go crazy!  So, let’s break down wedding dress shopping with everything you need to know.

Schedule an Appointment

Most bridal shops prefer you make an appointment because the shop attendant who is working closely with you will help select styles and sizes.  Walk-in are always welcomed, but you might find yourself in the store when it is extremely busy, and your stylist may not be able to give you the time and attention you really should have.  Saturdays are the most popular day for brides-to-be to shop, so you might want to schedule a weekday.

Know Your Wedding Date

If you are purchasing a dress that will be made only after you purchase it, you need between four and seven months for your dress to arrive.  If you are buying “off the rack” you need only allow enough time for tailoring the dress to fit you perfectly, anywhere from one to two months.  So – know your wedding date when you shop.

Understand Dress Terms

To communicate clearly with your stylist, get familiar with wedding dress terms like silhouette, sweetheart neckline, bustles, etc.

Have a Budget Range

Know your price range than you are willing to spend and share that with your stylist.  By creating a range, your stylists can select dresses on either end of the budget and you will get a good array of dresses to try on.

Budget Price Ranges:  $100-$500 and $500 – $1000

Moderate Price Range:  $1000 – $1500

Quality Price Range: $1500 – $2500

High End Price Range: $2500 – $4000

Couture: $4000 and Up

Who & What to Bring With You

The more people you have at your shopping trip will result in more opinions and more chaos.  Select a few special people whose opinion you value and cap it at about three or four individuals.  Bring along any photos of dresses that you really like (just 2 or 3) and don’t forget to bring your undergarments and shoes that you will wear that day.

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