Enjoy the Moment!

Bride and Groom holding hands

When you walk down the aisle and join hands with your husband-to-be, it is one of the most emotional moments of your life.  You have come together to begin a life united as husband and wife.   And quite naturally, this is a time that your guest should be totally focused on what is happening.  BUT, so many guests are clicking away with their camera phones, capturing a so-so image that they probably will toss at a later point in time, when they really should be focused on the wedding ceremony.  Many brides are asking their guests to ditch the phones and cameras and truly be a PART of the ceremony.  As a bride you have spent lots of time, energy, and money to create your dream wedding, and while many guests might disregard this request, it really brings the focus back on the purpose of the day.  How do you feel about this “No Photos” rule?

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