Tie the Knot for Less

Many couples cannot afford the luxury of a $20,000+ wedding.  It is possible to have a beautiful wedding for about $5,000.  Yes, it can be done!  There are certain things that are non-negotiable – the dress, the photographer, the rings, but there are a lot of ways to cut the expense and still have a beautiful wedding.  Here are a few ideas that I would like to share with you.

  1. Skip the Save-the-Date postcards and use email, Facebook, and your phone to spread the word to family and friends, especially out of town guests.
  2. Make your own Wedding Announcements.  You can purchase pre-designed invitations, and then have them personalized with your information.  That saves a bundle.  There is a local store in town called Take Note that can help you do just that.  They are located in the Chesterfield Valley and you can find them in our Vendor listings under “Invitations.”
  3. Keep the list of guests to must haves.  Forget all the friends you haven’t seen since grade school.
  4. Do the same with the bridal party.  The less people in the party, the fewer gifts you need to buy.
  5. In one of our past blogs we talk about cost-effective, beautiful locations for weddings: Quail Ridge, Jaycee Stage, Sue Bee Park.  There are more and we will share those with you in future blogs.  You don’t need a fancy Hotel or Elegant Banquet Hall.
  6. Perhaps skip the formal dinner and serve a brunch or a dessert buffet.  If you must serve a meal, check out the new caterers just starting out.  They are eager for the business and will bend over backwards to do a great job.  We already discussed alcohol in previous blogs.  If drinking isn’t that important to you, skip it.
  7. Forget the party favors.  Add a small candy or popcorn station that you do yourself.
  8. Cupcakes can be fun, but if you really want a “wedding cake” get a two tier cake rather than a three or four tier.  Keep it small and fill in with a sheet cake that you cut for guests.

You can tie the knot and do it for less.  While this is not for everyone, many couples who are paying the bills themselves find that they can still have a very nice wedding without going broke.  Share with us your wedding plans.  Are you putting off that wedding because you feel that it is too expensive?


Smalll One Layer Wedding Cake


Simple Wedding Bouquet



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