Choosing a Theme or Color for Your Wedding

Color Combinations for Weddings, BrideStLouis Wedding PlanningCongratulations to many of you that are newly engaged.  It’s an exciting time in your life and we want you not to stress over the task of planning your wedding.  While it is probably the biggest event that you ever orchestrated, just take it step by step like we discussed last week.

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So, one of the first steps besides the budget is to choose a theme or color that best represents you – the bride and groom – as a couple.  There are many ways of doing this, like choosing a shared interest, favorite hobby or leisure time activity.  I’ve seen Lego Weddings, Book Theme weddings based for favorite books, Movie Themes, Country Weddings – you name it!  Some couples love to dance and they base their reception on that.

Some couples just choose a style – like Old World Elegance, Fairytale & Romance, or perhaps Seasonal Themes depicting their favorite time of year…a Winter Wonderland or a Fall Harvest Wedding.   A Harry Potter theme has happened as well as The Great Gatsby.

And then there is color.  Color can reflect your style and personality as well.

White – Purity, Innocence and Fresh Beginnings

Yellow – Wisdom, Happiness, Intellectual Energy

Pink – Love, Beauty, Fun Personality

Red – Strength, Health, Vitality

Blue – Youth, Peace, Tranquility

Green – Harmony, Balance, Flexible & Unique

Silver – Calmness, Elegance

Gold – Wealth, Power, Tending to Extravagance

Black – Sophisticated, Controlling, Perfectionist, Dominant

So – what’s your color and theme?  Be sure to share with us your ideas and we will post our favorite on Facebook next week.  Our favorite as voted by our staff will win four FREE tickets to our next bridal show at The Foundry Art Centre on February 18th, 2018.  Send you comments to

Welcome to 2018!

Welcome to 2018!

Congratulations to everyone who recently received an engagement ring, and to those who have started to plan their wedding.  We thought it would be a good time to post this survey we did last Fall with previous couples who were married about a year ago – discussing what was good and what they would do differently.

We call this the “REAL truth about Weddings in Retrospect” by couples looking back after their first year.

We’ve talked to 12 couples who were married about a year ago and asked them, in hindsight, what they thought about their wedding, what they would do differently, and what was their biggest disappointment.  Some of the weddings were large, elaborate affairs while others were smaller, more family oriented weddings.

Because most couples who are planning a wedding have no experience about planning and paying for a wedding, the number one answer that was the biggest concern for all couples was the actual cost of their wedding.  Eleven of the twelve couples said that it ended up being way more expensive than what they anticipated.    Most of them said that as their wedding day approached there was a lot of anxiety about having enough money to pay for everything as planned.  There were always extra expenses that were not anticipated.   Nine of the 12 couples said that if they had it to do over again, they would scale down the wedding about 50%.  One of the couples is still paying off the debt from the wedding – it’s a sore point as they want to save for a house.  Two of the couples felt that, while it was expensive, it was a once in a lifetime event which they would do over again in a heartbeat.   One of the brides loved every minute and expensive detail of her wedding at the time of the wedding, but now regrets spending so much of her parent’s money, as it caused a hardship on her family.    Had she and her parents talked more openly and truthful about the costs, she could now look back with better feelings about her wedding.  In hindsight, she feels that she was “selfish and overbearing” asking and getting everything no matter what it cost.

When asked about specific details on expenses, many mistakenly assumed they had to, for example, have a LIVE Band, or they HAD to have the Tall Centerpiece displays.  It was the expectations from others that lead them to spending MORE money than they needed to on certain items.   Interesting.  One couple that had a very simple wedding, did what they wanted and not what others felt they should do.  It was fun, and they enjoyed planning and working out all the details for a small, intimate wedding with about 50 guests.   They then had money left over for a fabulous honeymoon.   That’s a trend that’s really smart.

Other than concerns over money, most couples agreed that their wedding was the best day of their life.  Yes, they would change some things and focus more on what matter to them.

One thing they all agreed upon – they all thought the day passed by so quickly!

So, what does this all mean to you?  As you are planning your wedding, make sure to communicate and discuss your ideas, budgets, and desires.  We are a firm believer in making your wedding YOUR best day ever – being the kind of wedding that’s right for you.  Let’s us know how we can help you achieve your goals.  We love hearing from you.  Write to us at

2016 Cake & Champagne Tasting Event & Bridal Show

Cake 6 - 2016 Cake & Champagne Tasting Event & Bridal Show

A delicious wedding cake is the sweetest ending to a perfect wedding celebration.  Collect inspiration at the 2016 Cake & Champagne Tasting Event & Bridal Show on Thursday night, September 22, 2016 at the Holiday Inn Airport West located in Earth City just off Highway 70 from 6pm to 8:30pm. Whether you style is modern and trendy, traditional, or vintage you can not only see a large selection of beautiful cakes, but you will also get to TASTE the cakes.

When you arrive you will receive a ballot to vote for your favorite cake.  Cakes will be plated and numbered and you will vote by number – so it’s a blind taste test.  We will also vote for the best, most artistic looking cake as well.   Vote results will be announced at 8:15pm.

Enjoy champagne, appetizers and a fun evening.   There will be 35 to 40 professional wedding vendors there as well so it’s a great time to start planning your special day.  Be sure to bring your wedding party, friends, family, and yes, the groom too.

You could be the winner of the $200.00 GRAND PRIZE from BrideStLouis.  Additional prizes will be awarded during the night as well.

What’s not to love – great music, good fun, and cake, of course!

To register now and save $3.00 go to and you will find a link on the home page of our web site.    The first 100 brides to register will receive a FREE gift as well.  Tickets are $5.00 in advance and $8.00 at the door.

Cake 6 - 2016 Cake & Champagne Tasting Event & Bridal Show

Cake 6 - 2016 Cake & Champagne Tasting Event & Bridal Show


Cake 6 - 2016 Cake & Champagne Tasting Event & Bridal Show

8 Steps to Enjoy Your Wedding!


Every bride needs some practical advice for relieving wedding stress so that you can ENJOY the day.   You won’t feel overwhelmed if you follow these simple eight steps:

  1. Lists are your best friends! This is the biggest party that you probably will ever plan so there will be hundreds of details, and more details.   The beauty of lists, spreadsheets, budgets, and timelines is that they will keep your life organized.   Stress is many times caused by that feeling that you have no idea of what’s going on.  And being organized and on top of things definitely keeps you in control and minimizes that stress.
  2. Delegate! Your maid of honor and bridesmaids are there for a purpose.  Also just ask friends when you need some additional help.  You will be surprised how eager everyone will be to be a part of your big day.
  3. Appoint a Wedding Day Contact: On your big day you really don’t want to be dealing with last minute details, like which tables get which centerpieces, etc.  Choose a reliable person who knows your like and your dislikes, and make them the go-to person for last minute coordination.
  4. Eat small meals throughout the day. We all get cranky when we are not full, as the commercial says, so eat lightly throughout the day.  At this point, that sandwich is not going to make a difference about how you’re going to look in your dress.
  5. Take a deep breath. If you find yourself overwhelmed, take several deep breaths.    Relax.  Think about all the things about the groom that you love.  Think about the time you first met.   It’s amazing how that will transform you.
  6. Schedule Time to Relax & Rejuvenate. Okay, you’re getting married and I tell you to rest and maybe even try to get more sleep.  Impossible!  I understand.   Take that day before the wedding and pamper yourself, visit a spa near you, or just relax at home with a favorite movie.   Keep the alcohol in check, because a hangover is no way to start your big day.  There will be plenty of time to party on your big day.
  7. Be prepared for emergencies: For Red Wine Spills – use stain removal wipes. For a Ripped Hem – double sided fabric tape will come to the rescue.  A Tide stain removal pen is a must.  Also pack needle, thread and buttons!  See our complete list on emergency items in this blog post:
  8. SMILE. You’re there.  This is your wedding day!  Just have a wonderful time.  You worked hard for this day, so let happen what may be, and just enjoy the day.

Be the Best You!


Brides – Stop fretting over trying to become the “perfect” you and just be you on your wedding day.

Are you feeling a lot of pressure to perhaps lose weight for your wedding?   Are you concerned about what you perceive as imperfections in your appearance such as a chipped tooth?   Is this self-examination and self-criticism leading to low self-esteem as your days lead up to your walk down the aisle?

Don’t get into the mindset about what others think brides need or the latest trends – fake nails, hair extensions or fancy updos, new cut/color, etc.   The only thing you should do is what makes the real you feel like yourself and feel beautiful.   If it’s something that you will notice and feel better about doing, and if it’s in the budget, go for it.

Spending hours every day at the gym and then adding the extra demands of time planning a wedding means less time with your fiancé.  And this time should be spent together, as you start to build a life together.  He asked you to marry him just like you are.

And then there is the issue of being comfortable on the day of your wedding.   Tightly laced corsets and Spanx can make your uncomfortable even after a few minutes.  You’ll be in agony after a whole day.  Don’t you want to be having FUN at your wedding!   High heels – if you don’t wear them regularly – ditch them.

The thing that’s going to make you feel incredible on your wedding day is the glow that comes from the true happiness of marrying the person you love.

Small Weddings Can Be Beautiful Too!

Not all weddings have to be expensive and extensive.  Sometimes the best weddings are the smaller, more intimate ones.  Just because you are low on funds, doesn’t mean you can’t get married.  I’ve seen some terrific weddings with less than 10 people! - Small Weddings – Small Weddings


  1. The easiest way to save money on the reception is to limit the guest list.    As you compose your guest list, ask yourself:   “How close is this person to me.  Is it important to share my day with them?”
  2. When you have your guest list, decide on a venue.  There are lots of places that are SUPER affordable.  Generally look to city venues such as St. Charles County’s Quail Ridge Lodge or Blanchette Memorial Hall, Des Peres’ Lodge, etc.  Also, check our Fraternal Halls like the Elks, Knights of Columbus, etc.  And don’t forget restaurants with private rooms depending on the size of your guest lists.  For example, check out Seven Gables in Clayton, where room rentals start at just $200.00!   (But if you are considering a private restaurant, be sure to check out food costs.  That can take them out of the running.)  Also look at alternative days such as Fridays and Sundays as there are usually discounts for those days.  Plus, if you book your wedding close to a holiday, decorations might already be installed for the venue itself.
    Tuscany Gallery -

    Tuscany Gallery –

  3. A new venue, Tuscany Gallery & Events is offering an all-inclusive venue – that includes cake, flowers, photography, venue, music, officiant starting at just $795.00!    Best of all you can cater using the assistance of family and friends if you so desire.  (Reach them for now at
  4. Buffets and food stations are you best bet.  Smaller, private catering companies can custom create a menu of perhaps appetizers and include budget stretching food items like mostaccioli, chicken pasta, chicken and linguine, etc.  Throw in some fresh fruit and cheese and easy to make dollar sandwiches.  Brunch is a great option for Sunday weddings.
  5. Limit the bar at the reception.  Or, serve only beer and wine.
  6. Skip the Save-the-Date and fancy invitations.  With today’s computer software, it’s easy to custom design a personal invitation and print it yourself.
  7. two tier wedding cake -

    two tier wedding cake –

    Order a smaller cake and hide a larger sheet cake in back to cut for guests.

  8. Suits for guys are fine and consider shopping other than at a bridal fashion shop for a dress.  If you do shop at a bridal store, many of them have discounted dresses and clearance sales.
  9. For flowers make your own bouquet.  Wholesalers such as Sams have a nice selection of flowers that you can craft into your own bouquet.  For the wedding party, use some silk greenery and flowers for the boutonnieres and for the girls in your wedding party.  Limit the size of your wedding party.
  10. Skip the party bus and the limo.
  11. Hire a Professional Photographers for 4-6 hours for the ceremony and formals.  (These photos you will have for a lifetime, so don’t skimp here.)  You don’t need a second photographer, as a professional photographer’s experience will do the job.
  12. If you have a friend with music skills, they can play or create music tapes to play that day.


Give yourself a hand!  You just created a beautiful wedding without breaking the bank!

Small Wedding at Tower Grove Park -

Small Wedding at Tower Grove Park –