Colleen’s Journey – Wedding Planning – Part 2 “Choosing a Venue”

  Welcome back, St. Louis brides!  The next step in your wedding planning process definitely requires a glass (or three) of wine!  It’s time to think about your venue!  This was definitely the most stressful part of wedding planning that I’ve experienced so far.  Yet, once it’s over you can breathe a HUGE sigh of…

Colleen’s Journey To Her Dream Wedding – Introduction

Hello St. Louis Brides! We are introducing a new “feature.”  Colleen, one of our very own team mates is getting married this year, and we’ve asked her to share with you her journey as she prepares for her wedding this coming July.  Witness her decisions, frustrations, and joy as she journeys to her “Dream Wedding”….


Be the Best You!

Brides – Stop fretting over trying to become the “perfect” you and just be you on your wedding day. Are you feeling a lot of pressure to perhaps lose weight for your wedding?   Are you concerned about what you perceive as imperfections in your appearance such as a chipped tooth?   Is this self-examination and self-criticism…