Something Unique


Rather than an expensive floral bridal bouquet, you might want to consider a new look that is becoming very popular – the brooch bouquet.  This alternative for brides who want to avoid carrying flowers can be something fun to create.  Many brides raid their grandmother’s jewelry box to find the perfect heirloom pieces.  Classic pearls, sapphires, cascading gold….just about anything can be used.Other brides have enjoyed the search going to estate sales and antique shops.  And sometime the couple picks out pieces together.  It’s a great look for the vintage wedding.

Blue Brooch Bouquet


Silver and Gold Brooch Bouquet

If you are not the creative type, and still want to have a brooch bouquet, there are places like that can create your brooch bouquet for you.

And as the same time, you have your “something old” and/or “something borrowed”.   And do any of you brides know the full verse to that English poem?  A small gift will be sent to the first bride who can site the entire poem.

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