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Butterfly & Dove Release

Silver Vendor

Wish Upon A Dove

Wildwood (St. Louis), 

Few symbols have a tradition as long and as rich as the dove. The symbol of hope, peace, and love all wrapped up in a beautiful snow-white bird. Tranquility is what we see come over peoples faces as they “wish upon our dove”. Two doves in a pure white decorated birdcage are usually set up at a wedding near where vows are taken. This symbolizes the couple joining together. The dove takes one mate for life, as do a couple, unless tragedy strikes. When the ceremony is complete the flock of doves is released in celebration of the wedding.

Weddings are very special and a remembrance for a life time for all. When doves are released it is always spectacular, no matter if they circle many times or just deliver the wish into the heavens quickly.

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