WEDDING PLANNING 101  - 11:30am

We all know the wedding planning to do list can be overwhelming. Come to this FREE SEMINAR. We'll discuss how to get started, stay organized, and find professionals as well as best practices, the latest wedding trends and a few tips and tricks to make your day the best it can be!

How to Purchase YOUR Perfect Wedding Dress - 12:30pm

Choosing a wedding dress is probably the most exciting moment of planning a wedding for any bride. But it can also be very stressful and you can feel that you are expected to know all these different styles of gowns and know which one you want– not to mention all the different varieties of necklines, hemlines and backs. Stress not – after today’s seminar, you will be ready to go shopping.

How to Plan an Elegant Wedding on a Tight Budget - 1:30pm

Is money the reason you keep pushing back your wedding? You want a beautiful wedding, something special, something to celebrate with family and friends. And yet, it seems impossible to come up with the cash to have the kind of wedding you want? Everyone is feeling it! Gas prices are through the roof, food is expensive, and everything just costs more. While money may have been the major obstacle preventing you from taking that step, there are ways to have a wonderful wedding, even on a tight budget. We’ve got some ideas to help you down the aisle, starting right here with some no cost or low-cost locations, and then we also have an additional 100 Money Saving Tips.