Colleen’s Journey – Gift Registries and More – Part 5

Bride St. Louis Gift Registries


Welcome to part five of our wedding planning journey.   I am sad to report that I did not meet my goal of finding a photographer.  I had every intention of sitting down for a few hours and doing research, making a spreadsheet, and narrowing down my options.  However, my laziness got the best of me this week! The dreary cold weather was just screaming, “Go to bed early and binge Netflix!”  Next week I will resume my goal and hopefully finish this task that has been looming over my head!

As for this week’s post, I do have some exciting things to share with you!  My fiancé and I finally registered for shower/wedding gifts! Bed Bath & Beyond was hosting a “Rock Your Registry” event.  They had a few appetizers, desserts, soda, and I even went home with a small bag of freebies. They also had vendors from various companies around the store to talk about their products.  It was a great way to jump into the process of “registering”.

As I went into the night, I was definitely nervous about the process.  I was positive that this was definitely not going to be an easy task for someone like me who cannot make decisions.  How am I supposed to decide what sheet count to select? Towel colors? I have no idea! Don’t even get me started on the pots and pans!  Luckily, we just took on the store section by section. It might have taken us a few hours, but we did it! I would highly suggest looking into Bed Bath & Beyond’s future events!  If they have another event such as this in the near future, you should definitely take advantage of it. One of the things that I found really nice about this event is that there are SO many other couples there.  I didn’t feel silly walking through the store talking with my fiancé about which pillow to choose, because there were so many other couples there doing the exact same thing. I’ve also been to plenty of stores where there is not a soul in sight to help answer questions or give assistance.  However, I feel as though this location brought in extra workers for the night because at every turn there was someone asking me if I needed help. Even if I said I didn’t need help, I think they could tell that we did need help. They would politely insert their thoughts about certain brands.  It was so helpful to have a second opinion! Overall, this event was a great way to get our feet wet and start thinking about what products we would want to start our new life together!

I do have a question for all of you brides out there…how many places are you registered at?  We are definitely going to look at Target as well as Bed Bath & Beyond. I’ve also heard great things about Amazon as well, though!  Is three too many? Of course, my fiancé would also love to register at Lowe’s, but four might be pushing it! I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below and I’d also love to hear the item you are most excited to register for!

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