Sealed in a Box

Couples have adopted this really neat wedding day moment.  They have a simple wooden box at the ceremony site that they will seal right before they say their vows.  But before this box is sealed they add personal letters to one another, a bottle of wine, or any other sentimental items that they wish to include.  Some include well wishes from family and friends.  It can contain whatever you want.

Box Photo BSL

Some couples plan to open this on their 10th anniversary, and other couples agree to open it when either of them feel the marriage is facing difficulty and it is their plan that the contents of this box allows them to go back to a time that they were deeply in love.   What do you think about this?

Planning to be a DIY Bride?

As many of you know, I really am all about making your day special and adding the personal touches that set your wedding apart.  It is amazing to see how creative our local brides are and the originality they display with taking a theme and really exploiting the idea.  Pinterest and hundreds of other websites show us how to create the perfect handmade wedding from decorations and invitations to favors, and some brides even tackle the cake.

Music Keepsakes

However, before you decide to venture in this direction I wanted to share some thought on how to ensure that your plans for DIY items don’t turn into a nightmare.

Thought Number One – It might NOT save you money.  If you are proceeding down this path thinking that by doing it yourself you can save money, that thought might not be true.   Before taking on a project, take a look at how much materials cost (including shipping) and compare that to items that you can buy ready made.   Some things are no brainers – like flower vases borrowed from family and friends or anything made from recycled materials.  Be sure you know what the real cost will be.

Borrowed Anitique Pitchers

Borrowed Anitique Pitchers

Thought Number Two – Do you have enough time to dedicate to this project?  It you incorrectly estimate that it will take 15 minutes to make one centerpiece, and it ends up that it actually takes an hour, do you have that time.  Perhaps starting the process earlier can eliminate the last minute stress and allow you to allocate that additional time needed over additional days.

Thought Number Three – Will it look good?  Is this something that you can really pull off and get the look that you want?  It’s always easier when we read about it, then when we actually do it.

Handmade Table Tickets

We’d love for you to share with us your DIY plans and what pitfalls you have encountered.

Hand made decorGift BoxesHandmade Soap Favors gift wrappedGift Box

Fretting about that Wedding Speech?

A know a lot of members of the wedding party stumble and feel totally uncomfortable when it comes time to deliver their wedding speech.  I’ve been to weddings where the Father of the Bride had a 5 page document that took over 20 minutes to present, and I’ve seen the Best Man be so drunk that he had no idea of what he actually said.  So, to make this task easier, I put together a few tips to guide each member of the wedding party that follows standard social etiquette.  So Brides and Groom send this to members of your wedding party.  They will be extremely grateful for the guidelines.

Best Man Speech: (5-6 minutes)

Best Man Speech

State that it is a privilege to be chosen as best man.

Talk about some special moments you shared with the groom.

Relate a story about your connection to the bride and groom.

If possible, add some light humor.

Commend the family for such a lovely wedding.


Maid of Honor Speech: (5-6 minutes)

Tell the bride how amazing she looks today.

Talk about your connection to the bride and special moments together.

Discuss how happy the bride was when she met the groom.

Share how you have watched their love grow.

Wish the couple great love and happiness for the future.


Father of the Bride Speech: (5 – 7 minutes)

Tell your daughter how beautiful she is and how proud you are of her.

Talk about when you met the groom and what you liked about him.

Talk about how the groom fits into your family.

Thank everyone for attending and celebrating with your family.

Thank the groom’s family for all their support.

Tell the wedding couple how happy you are for them.

(Don’t tell your daughter’s life story or embarrassing moments!)

Maid of Honor


Groom Speech: (5-7 minutes)

Tell your wife how happy you are to marry her.

Tell your wife how beautiful she is.

Talk about how you are happy to be a part of your wife’s family.

Talk about how you both met and how you felt at that time.

Talk about your Best Man and why you asked him to be your Best Man.

Thank the other members of the wedding party.

Talk about why your bride is the perfect person to share a life together.

Thank all guests for celebrating your special day.


Bride Speech:  (4-5 minutes)

Tell the groom how happy you are to have married him.

Talk about how you felt when you first met the groom and why you liked him.

Thank your mother, bridesmaids and others who have assisted with the day.

Share why your groom is the perfect man for you.

Thank your guests for coming to celebrating your special day.


Mother of the Bride Speech: (4-5 minutes)

Tell your daughter how beautiful she is and how happy you are for her.

Welcome the groom to your family.

Thank the groom’s family for their assistance.

Thank all of your guests – especially those who have travelled a long distance.

Wish your daughter and son-in-law a long life of love and happiness.

Great Weddings On a Budget – Tip #2

The program for your wedding day ceremony not only informs guests of the details of the ceremony and names of the bridal party participants, but more importantly can be a cherished memento of the event itself.   Many couples today save money by creating the program themselves.  Paper companies offer beautiful bridal themed program paper that is reasonably priced.  In addition, visit for inexpensive PrintingPress software that allows you to design your own wedding program with easy- to- use templates.  This program offers a range of free graphics and fonts for the look of a professional designed program without the big price tag.