Feng Shui & Your Wedding

Li-47As you begin planning your wedding you might want to consider the positive energy of Feng Shui.   Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement of space to achieve harmony with the environment.  I’ve listed a few guidelines that help contribute to a loving energy that they say could have a positive effect on your marriage for years.   It is said that these Feng Shui principals will help you with the harmony and balance of the ceremony and reception, and uplift everyone in attendance.

  • Select the luckiest date.  The number 8 is auspicious for love and 9 represents eternity.  Choose a wedding date that contains these numbers or at least adds up to them.
  • Based on the Chinese tai chi symbol of yin and yang (black and white), you have the white wedding dress and the black tuxedo.  However, some brides wear a gown that isn’t diamond white (white is the color of mourning and death in both Chinese and feng shui tradition).  Opt for a shade that’s slightly off-white such as beige, ivory, candlelight or gold.
  • Include candles everywhere – leave no dark corners. Use lots of natural side light.   That ensures a bright future.
  • If you borrow something, borrow something blue from someone with a happy marriage and a happy family.  The energy of that person’s happy life will give good energy to you on your wedding day.
  • Choose scents to enliven the mood.  Rosemary, lemon or rose are popular pleasurable smells that can have a powerful affect.
  • Avoid square or rectangular tables with sharp edges which attract conflict.  (Now you know why most banquet halls use round tables.)
  • Increase the flow of positive chi with healthy and colorful flowers.  The pink rose symbolizes love, lilies stand for abundance, mums for happiness, and peonies for longevity.
  • The color theme you choose for your wedding sets the tone:  Red (a traditional Chinese wedding color) creates an atmosphere of love and romance, pink for young couples reflect lightheartedness and playfulness, purple and violet for a more sexy, passionate atmosphere, blues and greens promote a calm feeling.
  • No clocks should be visible in your space.  The reason for this is because your wedding should be timeless and clocks limit that idea.

This is just a sampling of some of the Feng Shui ideas, but they are easy enough to implement and it might just stir up a fun conversation.

Are you planning a Sunset Wedding?

Here’s a great link to determine when the sun will set on any particular date.

Go to: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/sunrise.html

How easy is that!

Plan your wedding and know EXACTLY when the SUN WILL SET.



How to make the most of a Bridal Show

Wed-65I don’t know about you, but I need something – anything – to help warm my soul.  You, too?  Well, why not stay warm by attending one of the many wedding expos.  To find the next wedding show, just check the “Events and Shows” tab listed on the home page. Wedding shows can be fun and exciting, as you put together the pieces of your wedding day.  And they are indoors…where it’s warm!  So you can warm your body and excite your spirit.

Many brides tell me that they are thoroughly overwhelmed the first time they attend a bridal fair, so I thought it might be good to lay out a few guidelines to help you make the most of your time.

Before you go – print several sheets of adhesive address labels with your name, contact information, AND wedding date.  Quickly peel off a label and stick it on an inquiry sheet at any booth that you would like to receive additional information.

Bring your checkbook – you just might want to book or hold a date.  High demand dates can go quickly.

Bring family or friends you trust, and whose opinion matters.  But be careful of the size of your group.  Too many opinions – and you could be overwhelmed with indecision.

Invite your groom – but take him only if he wants to have a voice in this part of the wedding planning.  If this is not his thing, don’t torture him!

Know what you are looking for and what’s your budget.

Wear comfortable shoes and clothing.

Be ready with phrases such as, “I’ll think about that.”  And always give yourself a set amount of time and make a decision.  One of the biggest causes of stress in wedding planning is not making decisions on a timely basis…and then things start to really back up and you’ll find yourself in a spin trying to finalize decisions.

Whether your wedding is a few months away or an entire year, a bridal show will help you pull everything together.

Wedding Planning – Important Dates for 2013 to keep in mind

Let’s talk a little about scheduling your wedding and potential booking dates.

If you are on a tight budget there are some dates you will want to avoid and if you choose a date around a Holiday, you might find your favorite vendor already booked!  And then there are some dates that could be just fun.  Let’s take a look at the calendar.

December 31st (2012) and/orJanuary 1st

  • New Year’s Eve/Day
  • This can be a fun date – and it’s one that’s easy to remember.

January 18th, 19th, 20, 21st

  • Martin Luther King Day Weekend
  • A wedding on Friday or Sunday gives your guest an extra travel day.

February 14th

  • Valentine’s Day – Thursday
  • Great for the romantic.  However, florist are super busy that day, and you might pay more for those red roses.

February 15th, 16th, 17th 18th

  • President’s Day
  • Here’s another long weekend potential.

March 30th & 31st

  • Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday
  • Many churches will not perform weddings on these busy days.

May 11th and May 12th

  • Mother’s Day Weekend
  • It’s a beautiful time of the year, not too hot yet.
  • You might want to check this out with your Mom’s first.

May 24th, 25th, 26th, and 27th

  • Memorial Day Weekend.
  • This is a BIG wedding weekend.
  • These dates book FAST – sometimes 2 years in advance.
  • Vendors know that they can book these dates – so don’t look for price deals.

June Weekends

  • Very Busy – This month ties with October as the most popular month.

June 15th and June 16th

  • Father’s Day Weekend

July 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th

  • Independence Day and Weekend
  •  This is another big weekend.
  • It’s generally HOT so indoor weddings are a must.
  • Great weekend if you have lots of out-of-town guests.

August 31st, Sept. 1st & Sept. 2nd

  • Labor Day Weekend
  • Another great weekend if you have lots of out-of-town guests.

September & October Weekends

  • Extremely popular in the St. Louis Area
  • Great time for those Wine Vineyard Weddings
  • Ties with June as most popular month

October 12th, 13th and 14th

  • Columbus Day Weekend
  • Generally great weather – mild days & cooler nights.

October 31st

  • Halloween – Thursday

November 9, 10th and 11th

  • Veterans’ Day Weekend
  • Many to-be-brides forget about this great weekend.
  • We generally still have some color outdoors for photos.

November 28th, 29th and 30th and December 1st

  • Thanksgiving Day Weekend
  • These dates usually book fast.

December 31st –

  • New Year’s Eve

Also, be mindful of religious and cultural holidays (Passover, Rosh Hashanah, Hanukkha, Yom Kippur, Christmas, Kwanzaa). when planning your wedding.  There may be restrictions at your house of worship.

And if your family is deeply involved in sports – avoid weekends with the Super Bowl, Final Four March Madness, and perhaps some local college games as well.

And finally, for number  “13” fans – you have 4/13/13, 7/13/13, 9/13/13, 10/13/13 and 12/13/13.

Great Weddings on a Budget: Tip #1

Wedding CakieWedding cakes come in many shapes, forms, and sizes, and are priced based on the amount of work that it takes to create them. Some brides are choosing a smaller wedding cake instead of a five tier monster.  A three tier cake can be displayed with elegance, and then you could cut guest slices from a regular sheet cake that’s waiting back in the kitchen.

2013 Top Ten List of Do’s and Don’ts for the Bride



After many, many weddings where I’ve see all sorts of things from brides hyperventilating over the “wrong” shade of purple in the flowers, dresses with no top hooks, shoes missing, and groomsmen drunk before the wedding begins, I decided to list a few things that will help keep you sane.  There are any number of things that can gone wrong, and they will  – but  if you follow these rules, you can manage most anything that comes your way.

Rule #1 Remember the Budget.  You cannot indulge every whim.  Yes, it’s your day, but maintaining your perspective on the entire wedding and what’s important will help you say “No” to those hand engraved invitations that are to die for, but three times the budget.  There is a world of amazing options available and if you find yourself tempted by jaw dropping expenses, remember Rule #1.  Your budget was set keeping in mind what’s important to you.  It might have been great photography or a fabulous honeymoon.  Splurge on the important things.  Will those other expensive obsessions add to what’s important?   Do not impulse buy.  A beautiful event can be created without being expensive.

Rule #2 – Don’t have unrealistic weight expectations.  He loves you.  He loves you because you are you.   He has proposed.  Crash dieting will make you exhausted, irritable and cranky.  Enjoy the wedding planning.  The wedding is a process…so make the planning fun and a memorable part of the event.  Don’t ruin the experience with a poor attitude.

Rule #3 – Keep the Guest List in check.  This is your celebration.  Invite only friends and family who you want to share this day with.  Besides adding significant expense, do you really want to celebrate the most important event of your life with people you’ll never see again?

Rule #4 – Don’t Micro Manage Every Detail.  One of the many areas where many brides go crazy is the bridal registry.  They start second guessing every decision and then on-line options allow you to review and revise.  And other things like Seating Charts.  Brides are constantly revising these charts.  These are just two examples of details that can overwhelm you.  Make a decision and move forward.

Rule #5 – Take a day off from all wedding planning.  Just enjoy the moment of the two of you being together.  Do something fun…but non wedding related.  Do this ever so often and don’t let the stress of wedding planning ruining the intimacy you share.

Rule #6 – On Your Wedding Day share Personal Time for Just the Two of You.  You will be celebrating with family and friends all day.  Take 20 to 30 minutes between the ceremony and the reception and share some one on one time.   You are now Mr.  & Mrs. and you need to be able to share your feelings and excitement together – alone.

Rule #7 – Go with the Flow.  Your photos will reflect the story of your day.  Choose a photographer that will capture your story in a natural, unobtrusive manner.  You’ll want to remember the memory, not the photographer poising you and saying, “Now embrace and pretend to kiss”.    Rule #10 says to “Enjoy & Have Fun at your wedding, so hire a photographer that is like a fly-on-the wall, and go party.

Rule #8 – Ask for help.  You have bridesmaids and groomsmen are there to help you.  If you need something, don’t hesitate to ask.  That’s part of their job.  Communicate your needs and trust them to handle the job.

Rule #9 – Expect the Unexpected.  Acknowledge that weddings can’t be scripted and run entirely as planned.   Things will go wrong.  Do you become a foot stomping bridezilla or do you  acknowledge that your main goal is to have a wonderful time where love, friendship, and fun are the emotions of the day.  No one will remember that the “purple” flowers were not dark enough.  What they will remember is how much fun they had sharing your celebration.

Rule 10 – Enjoy & Have Fun at your Wedding.