Budget Tip #6 – Seven ways to have Table Centerpieces for Less

Let’s talk about table centerpieces.  A beautiful, elaborate floral display will set you back anywhere from $25 to over $100+ per table.  Here are some alternatives that will add elegance, style and sophistication:

1.  You can still have flowers – just scale it back a bit.  Create your designs around less expensive flowers, adding just one or two of the more expensive flowers for emphasis.  Use smaller bunches of flowers that are in season.  Add cut flowers in small glass vases or other inexpensive containers in your bridal colors.  I’ve seen brides use mason jars, old pitchers, and old wine bottles as containers.   One bride borrowed some Antique Water Pitchers.  Anything can work, but try to find something that follows your wedding theme.  Colorful daisies are always a cheerful addition.  And greenery will make your smaller grouping of roses or Shasta daisies look like a much larger centerpiece than what it is.  And don’t forget about flowering vines or tree branches.  These can add a lot of wow to your table.  And finally, you could add some feathers for a different look completely.


2.  Sparkle and light can make any table a very special table.  Candles are great.  Crystal accents can be used.  Place mirrors under the candles.  Select one nice glass crystal bowl with just one beautiful flower – like a gardenia – floating in the bowl to create a simple elegance.  A ring of single wick candles, with rose petals that have been sprayed with glitter, can add romantic lighting to the tables. A floating candle in a water filled container, with greenery all around is very easy.  Be sure to add colored glass stones to the bottom for even more flare!

Candles in Jars


3.  This is one of my favorites.  Make an arrangement of breads, crackers. cheeses, fresh fruit, olives, garlic butter, salsas, olive oil, and a few uncorked bottled of red wine.  Tuck in some bunches of grapes, and a few grape vines, and there you go.  This Italian look will have your guest raving and enjoying a light appetizer at the same time.  And who’s not happy after a glass of vino?

…to be continued tomorrow