Worn Vintage Rental

One of our resolutions this year is to introduce you to more of our great wedding professionals and some of the unique services they provide.  Worn Vintage (www.WornVintageSTL.com), founded in 2010, provides vintage props for weddings and includes things like vintage glassware, sofas, lamps, and frames.  They recently opened a storefront at 825 North Second Street and inside you will find a wonderful selection of items to spark your imagination.


They will help you create crafty centerpieces and signage which will set your wedding apart.  And it just makes sense to rent items like centerpiece glass jars and giant framed chalkboards rather than spending huge amounts of money to purchase.  It is a great way to stay within your budget, but yet have something really special.  They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, so I snapped some photos to really illustrate some of the terrific finds they have.



Talk to Jenny or Tiffany at 314-323-1131 or 314-609-5489 or email then at wornvintagerental@hotmail.com and tell them you heard about Worn Vintage at BrideStLouis.com.

Do You Know how Much to Budget for Flowers? Part Two – Saving Money


Orange Floral Arrangement BSL

Cake with Blue and Orange BSL


To find ways to cut your costs you need to understand what makes bridal bouquets and floral arrangements so expensive.  There are several factors that affect the price of your flowers.

Flower Types –

The choice of flower can make a big difference.  To save money choose flowers such as carnations or daisies that are more easily obtained.  Bird of Paradise and other exotic flowers will cost a lot more as they are not readily available. 

Season –

Flowers have growing seasons, and if you buy in-season, you can save money.  For example, tulips are readily available in Spring, but definitely a challenge in December.  December has beautiful poinsettias in holiday shades of red, pink, and white that can make a real splash for your winter wedding.

Size –

The number of flowers in any arrangement will affect your final price.  A single bloom or very few blooms of a larger type of flower may cut down the cost of the bouquet, or a bouquet that consists of just one or two types of flower could also be cost effective.

Detail –

A simple bouquet is less expensive.  Anytime you add intricate detail or multi-layered for a cascading bouquet look for the price to go up.  A great idea to add volume and detail for a more elegant dimension is to add baby’s breath, ferns or other type of greenery. 

Choices –

There are other options available as well.  If a beautiful bridal bouquet is important to you, keep the other floral items minimized.  For instance, the boutonnieres can be just berries or greens, the flower girl can throw paper petals, and the corsages for other family members can be a more diminutive size.




Do You Know How Much to Budget for Flowers?

Flowergirls BSL

Flower arrangement Purple White BSL


We encourage couples to create a “budget” for their wedding, itemizing individual cost estimates and percentages.  And one of the most asked questions I receive is, “How much should I budget for my bouquets and other floral requirements?”   After all, this is something most of us do only once in a lifetime. 

One of the most important ingredients that can make the wedding special is the decoration, and weddings are incomplete without blooms to contribute to the beauty of the décor.  Here are some estimates of the “average” cost in our area of wedding flowers.   Keep in mind that the average cost depends upon the availability of flowers and the total number of flowers needed for the bouquet fill.


We interviewed a number of local wedding floral vendors here to get these averages for you:

Product                                Range                    Average

Bridal Bouquet              $80-$300.00                  $ 175.00

Toss – Bridal Bouquet         $15-$35                  $   25.00

Boutonnieres                       $7 – $12                   $   10.00

Corsages                           $15 – $35                   $   17.50

Pew Bows & Greens             $8-$15                   $     8.00

Mother’s Roses                   $7 – $20                   $   15.00

Bride’s Maids                    $ 25 – $55                  $   40.00

Lg. Décor Bouquets         $75 – $150                   $   95.00

Flowers for Cake                $40 – $75                  $   50.00

Delivery*                       $50 – $125                     $   75.00

*Most couples forget about this expense


Check back tomorrow as we will address factors that can help you manage costs and save you money in this area.

4 Ways to Make Your Fall Wedding Unique

Fall weddings are so popular especially here in our area.  The beautiful foliage hues and harvest accents always create a romantic, inviting atmosphere.  Here are some great ways to make your fall wedding unique:

Chocolate and Orange

  1. When we think of fall colors we generally think of warm browns and earth tones which are the traditional colors of fall.  Some combinations that are amazing for fall are light pink and brown, cranberry and dark green, or a splash of apple red and bright gold.  And then there is navy and gold which is striking, and you might also incorporate a deep plum coupled with an apricot orange. Color Pallette for Fall
  2. Yes, you can still have an outdoor wedding  just move in up earlier in the day.  While the days are warm, nights can be chilly especially after sunset.   Also check with your venue if you can add a tent with heating elements to be able to extend the party a bit later.  Event Partners has tents available in our area for rental.
  3. Don’t forget about the spectacular fall fruits and vegetables.  These items make spectacular table presentations and décor elements.  For example, use apples for floating candle holders, decorate tables and with mini pumpkins and gourds, and use scents of the season like cinnamon and vanilla.

4 Table Decor

  1. For wedding favors include fun items like small honey jars personalized with your name and wedding date, dark chocolate bars with a personalized wrapper, or leaf-shaped soaps.

Orange and Green

September & October are the most popular months of the year for weddings here and it’s a perfect time to celebrate your wedding in a rustic vineyard, park or apple orchard.  You could choose to get married in a harvest field on a farm or under a beautiful old oak tree.

Incorporate the natural elements of the season for your special wedding day.

Stonehill Fall Wedding

Have you seen Pew Buckets?

I love these!  Pew Buckets that you can hang around the pew with a light chain and add Fresh Flowers and a ribbon or two.  These allow you to add a small amount of water to keep fresh flowers looking great.   Beautiful.  Simple.


Budget Tip #6 Continued…Seven ways to have Table Centerpieces for Less

(Yesterday, we started a discussion above creative table centerpiece to save on the budget.  This is part two of that article.)

Table Centerpiece 5

4.  Autumn weddings allow you to use the décor of the season to build a beautiful table arrangement.  Pumpkins, colorful corn, fall leaves in brilliant color, gourds and, of course, those wonderful mums that are in full bloom and color.

5.  Summer weddings or beach weddings can feature an assortment of sea shells, sand displays, and you can accompany that with a fruit (in season) display, crackers, and cheese.  Set out large pitchers of lemonade or strawberry daiquiris which allow guests easy access to drinks, and in addition, it might cut down on the bar bill as well.  Embrace the season to assemble a great, low cost assortment of beautiful table centerpieces and you will save a bundle.  You can take that same thought to winter weddings with poinsettias and small Christmas trees adorned with colorful ribbons and ornaments that match your colors.

Table Centerpiece 6

6.  Why not have a lovely display of family portraits and images scattered on all of the tables to encourage guests to minge and visit.  Some of the families use photos of the couple as kids, and that’s good as well.

Table Floral 4

7.  I’m sure that after reading these items lots of ideas have popped into your head.  All of these can be done on a low budget, make the centerpieces more personal, and they can blend into the theme of your wedding.  Feel free to share with us any ideas you are implementing.  We’d all love to learn more.   Your imagination is the key to saving money.