The Wedding Cake, Part II

This is the second of several posts about wedding cakes.  Today we are featuring some of the wedding cakes submitted by you our brides.  You will notice that there are some very elegant smaller wedding cakes as well.  Again, use these cakes as ideas to create your cake.

Here are some important facts to remember when ordering your cake.  The cost of a wedding cake depends on three factors:  Quality of Ingredients, Labor & Detail Involved, and the Number of Guest to be served.  With regard to flavors you have a wide selection – raspberry, chocolate, vanilla, or lemon.  You can have one layer as a chocolate layer and then a different layer as vanilla.  As you can see from the photos, details can make the difference.  Some have elegant designs and others are very simply.   A current trend is to use flowers as accents.  For the more budget conscious order a smaller wedding cake plus a regular sheet cake, and have your venue hold the sheet cake in the back to be sliced and served to the guests.  And finally, my suggestion is to order your cake at least three months ahead of your wedding date.  Be sure to ask if delivery and installation is included.  This is one job you really don’t want to tackle yourself.

Bride Cake 1Bride Cake 2Bride Cake 3Bride Cake 4Bride Cake 6Bride Cake 7Bride Cake 8Bride Cake 9Bride Cake 10Bride Cake 11Bride Cake 12Bride Cake 13Bride Cake 14Bride Cake 15Bride Cake 16Bride Cake 17Bride Cake 18Bride Cake 19Bride Cake 21Bride Cake 22Bride Cake 23Bride Cake 24

The Wedding Cake

Today we have a treat for you – cake.  How sweet it is!   We have collected images from the best wedding cake bakers in our area –  beautiful images of over 100 wedding cakes.  In addition, some of our brides have sent in their wedding cake photos as well.  And, of course, we have cupcakes too.

PattyCakes 5

Use these images as a planning tool to create the vision of what you want your cake to be.  Each image that comes from a local wedding cake professional is identified with their name and at the bottom of this post we have included all contact information.   If you see something that you fall in love with, please be sure to contact that baker when ordering your cake.  The images will be posted over a series of four or five days so be sure to check back on a regular basis.  At the same time we will be giving hints and suggestions for the budget-conscious and a little background information on flavors, ingredients, and other details that will help you in making your decisions.

Did you know the wedding cake is the symbol of fertility?  The traditionally accepted practice is for the bride to have the first bite, or otherwise, the couple would have no children.




The Cup 1Sugar and Spice 4

The Cakery 3PattyCakes 8JillysCupcakeBar 3Sugar and Spice 6










The Cakery 4SusieG 3Sugar and Spice 15Sugar and Spice 3SusieG 4The Cup 5PattyCakes 3SusieG 1




























Sugar and Spice 11Susie G 6










































The Cakery  

1420 Tamm Ave.

St. Louis, MO 63139



The Cup  

28 Maryland Plaza Read

St. Louis, MO 63108



Jilly’s Cupcake Bar & Café

8509 Delmar

St. Louis, MO 63124



Patty Cakes

1018 Laurel

Highland, IL 62249



Celebrating Life Cakes, LLC

2430 Taylor Road

Wildwood, MO 63040



Sugar and Spice Laura’s Delight

305 N. Sturgon St.

Montgomery City, MO 63363



Susie G’s Specialty Cakes

2979 Highway K

O’Fallon, MO 63368





How to Cut the Cake

It’s crazy, but one of the many questions that I have heard the wedding couple ask is, “How do we cut the cake?”  While at first thought you might think that’s a simple question, there are some etiquette rules even on this part of the wedding.  So, let’s talk about this.

Cutting the cake


Rule Number One – Make sure your photographer is there and ready to capture the event.  Your photographer might be capturing other activity across the room, and sadly not all DJs do their job to keep the photographer informed on what’s going on.

There should be two tools – a knife and a server.  The top layer should be saved for your First Anniversary.  Do not cut that.  Most couples will use the knife to make a triangular slice on the bottom layer.  The bride’s hand goes on the knife first, and the groom places his hand over the bride’s hand.  Make sure to cut through all the layers.  Then use the server to scoop out the slice to the awaiting plate.   Either the bride scoops the cake slice and the groom holds the plate, or vice versa.

Cake knife and server


Prior to the wedding, the couple should decide, “Do we use forks or do we hand feed?”  Either is perfectly acceptable.  And now comes the fun part – feeding each other.  Play nice, and if you are using fingers, be prepared to get a little messy; it’s all part of the fun.

And don’t forget to have them put aside several slices for after the wedding, as many couples don’t take the time to enjoy their cake at the reception.

That’s it.