Reason #5 to come to the Cake & Champagne Tasting Event & Bridal Show – Great Wedding Professionals


Reason #5 to come to the Cake and Champagne Tasting Event and Bridal Show – Visit our Wedding Professionals!

  • Travel Companies
  • DJs
  • Venues
  • Hotels
  • Photographers
  • Formal Wear
  • Photo Booths
  • Videographers
  • Artists
  • Home Ownership Realtors/Lenders
  • Gift
  • Beauty

First of all, Complete Weddings & Events will be our Master of Ceremonies keeping the night swinging with great music and awarding gifts.  Anna from Physical Memories will be creating a video of our event – see her in action and check her booth out as well to schedule a high lite video of your wedding.  Also, we have photographers – Aurora Photography, and Patrick Pope Photography here.  Have you scheduled your honeymoon?   Talk to Vista Travel.  And, of course, Holiday Inn Airport West, wants to share with you information about their great venue.  And – there are many more that you can visit with as well.

Be sure to stop by and see Nancy and let her show you our new sister web site,  Everyone who likes our page will receive a complimentary gift.

Some of the bakers include McArthur’s Bakery, Cupcake Amore, Susie G’s, Sweets to Remember, Sweetology, Nothing Bundt Cake and New Day Gluten Free.

So, it’s a great time to come and have a fun night – sip champagne, eat cake, and just relax.


13 Reasons to Love Chocolate!


It’s time to register for the CHOCOLATE FESTIVAL BRIDAL SHOW on Sunday, March 19th at Bear Creek Golf Course in Wentzville and not only are our shows FUN but the Chocolate Festival is actually GOOD for your health!

Forget death by chocolate. More and more research is showing that high quality, dark chocolate (or cocoa or cacao) may actually improve your health. Here are 13 reasons to love chocolate and come to our Bridal Show:

  1. Chocolate, cocoa, and cacao are high in the mineral magnesium which is essential for over 500 functions in your body, including:  heart health and muscle function.
  2. Chocolate may reduce the risk of heart failure.
  3. Cocoa and cacao contain plant nutrients called proanthocyanidins. These phytonutrients have been shown in research to protect against carcinogens and nervous system toxins.
  4. It lowers blood pressure in people whose blood pressure is high.
  5. Chocolate helps support the production of dopamine in the body.  Dopamine is a brain chemical that helps us feel good.  Impaired dopamine production is involved in brain disorders like Parkinson’s disease. Foods that aid the production of dopamine may be helpful in the prevention of such illnesses.
  6. Cocoa, or chocolate with high amounts of it, lowers LDL cholesterol and raises HDL cholesterol (the “good” cholesterol).
  7. According to preliminary research cocoa and dark chocolate may help protect the kidneys from disease.
  8. Eating chocolate increases the levels of endorphins—the body’s own natural pain killers. Eating dark chocolate may help reduce pain.
  9. Raw cacao increases the amount of a substance calledN-arachidonoylethanolamine in the brain (try saying that 10 times fast, or even just once correctly!).  It is a neurotransmitter that improves communication between brain and nerve cells.
  10. Consumption of raw cacao increases weight loss in overweight individuals, according to research in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.
  11. Eating dark chocolate causes the release of hormones called phenylethylamines (PEAs) that are also released when we are in love, helping us to feel happy.
  12. The high concentration of phytonutrients called flavonoids in dark chocolate are potent antioxidants. Antioxidants help eliminate free radicals associated with aging and inflammation in the body.
  13. It just tastes great. That’s enough reason for most people.

Now that you understand that CHOCOLATE is GOOD for you – register online at and save $2.00.  Online registration just $5.00 and walk in tickets are $7.00.


2016 Cake & Champagne Tasting Event & Bridal Show

Cake 6 - 2016 Cake & Champagne Tasting Event & Bridal Show

A delicious wedding cake is the sweetest ending to a perfect wedding celebration.  Collect inspiration at the 2016 Cake & Champagne Tasting Event & Bridal Show on Thursday night, September 22, 2016 at the Holiday Inn Airport West located in Earth City just off Highway 70 from 6pm to 8:30pm. Whether you style is modern and trendy, traditional, or vintage you can not only see a large selection of beautiful cakes, but you will also get to TASTE the cakes.

When you arrive you will receive a ballot to vote for your favorite cake.  Cakes will be plated and numbered and you will vote by number – so it’s a blind taste test.  We will also vote for the best, most artistic looking cake as well.   Vote results will be announced at 8:15pm.

Enjoy champagne, appetizers and a fun evening.   There will be 35 to 40 professional wedding vendors there as well so it’s a great time to start planning your special day.  Be sure to bring your wedding party, friends, family, and yes, the groom too.

You could be the winner of the $200.00 GRAND PRIZE from BrideStLouis.  Additional prizes will be awarded during the night as well.

What’s not to love – great music, good fun, and cake, of course!

To register now and save $3.00 go to and you will find a link on the home page of our web site.    The first 100 brides to register will receive a FREE gift as well.  Tickets are $5.00 in advance and $8.00 at the door.

Cake 6 - 2016 Cake & Champagne Tasting Event & Bridal Show

Cake 6 - 2016 Cake & Champagne Tasting Event & Bridal Show


Cake 6 - 2016 Cake & Champagne Tasting Event & Bridal Show

Personalized Cake Toppers

Captured BSL 1


There is a new product here in town that is really amazing.  Captured Moments In Art ( creates personalized cake toppers that are created from scratch with polymer clay and mixed medium to make images that replicate YOU!    Imagine seeing your image on the top of a cake. They do not use pre-made plastic body parts – everything is custom design to achieve correct height, shape, etc.  What a wonderful keepsake to your wedding.

Here are some images taken from a bridal show where I found Faith, the owner.  For more information refer to our vendor section ( under the category “other” to find complete contact information.

Captures BSL 2


Wedding Cakes – Part IV


Here are a few more cakes for additional ideas.   Any color, any size, flowers, ribbons, rhinestones — just about anything you can think of can be incorporated to decorate your cake.  Some brides keep it simple, while others have elaborate details.  Let us know if any of these cakes inspired you.  Everyone of our wedding cake bakers deserves a wonder hand of applause for such creative work.

Once again thanks to Patty Cakes, Celebrating Life Cakes, Sugar & Spice Laura’s Delight, Susie G’s Specialty Cakes, Jilly’s Cupcake Bar & Café, and The Cup.

PattyCakes 9

Sugar and Spice 1The Cakery 2PattyCakes 11Bride Cake 9Sugar and Spice 9SusieG 2SusieG 5The Cakery 1The Cup 6Bride Cake 23Bride Cake 24Bridal Cake 26Bridal Cake 27Bridal Cake 28Bridal Cake 29Bridal Cake 34Bridal Cake 35Bridal Cake 36Bridal Cake 37Bridal Cake 38Bridal Cake 39Bridal Cake 40Bridal Cake 41Bridal Cake 43Bridal Cake 44Bridal Cake 45Bridal Cake 46Bridal Cake 47Bridal Cake 49Bridal Cake 48Bridal Cake 53






Wedding Cakes – Part III

When it’s time to make a decision on your wedding cake, it’s important to understand the differences in the types of icing that can be used.  You have several options – all have advantages and disadvantages so keep that in mind when you are ordering your cake.  Let’s review these together.


Buttercream is the traditional icing used to frost cakes.  It is made from powdered sugar, butter, milk or water and a flavoring such as vanilla.

Advantages – More flavor and softer than fondant making it easier to cut.

Disadvantages – In warm weather this icing will begin to melt.


You can recognize fondant by the smooth finish.  It is made from sugar, hot water and corn syrup and is either rolled or poured and sculpted.  It has a type of clay consistency. Before applying the fondant the cake should have a thin layer of glaze or buttercream frosting to seal in crumbs.

Advantages – Great for cakes that have flawless, rounded edges.

Disadvantages – Can have a gunny consistency and harder to slice.

Royal Icing

This icing is made from beating egg whites with sugar and is used to make intricate decorations such as flowers or petals.  It hardens quickly when exposed to air so it helps delicate, designed objects keep their shape.


Marzipan is rolled and draped over cakes just like fondant icing is however marzipan is made from an almond paste which gives it a much more pliable structure.

Advantages: Almond flavoring makes for a sweet, almond taste.

Disadvantages – Your cake needs to be covered with plastic wrap to prevent drying out.


And now….we continue our display of fabulous wedding cakes.

Celebrating Life 1JillysCupcakeBar 2Sugar and Spice 12Sugar and Spice 10PattyCakes 2Celebrating Life 4Sugar and Spice 14PattyCakes 1JillysCupcakeBar 4The Cakery 5PattyCakes 6Sugar and Spice 8Celebrating Life 5Sugar and Spice 2The Cup 5PattyCakes 7PattyCakes 10Sugar and Spice 5Sugar and Spice 13Sugar and Spice 16Celebrating Life 2PattyCakes 4