Your Guys in the Wedding Party will Love This!

Guys being guys, they hate the idea of running around getting fitted for the tux, picking it up, and then returning it.  Well here’s a company that offers a service that has long been needed.  I ran into this company, called MobileTux, and they eliminate the hassles of tux rental.

MobiletuxFitting Party-Drinks (2)

They will individually fit each guy in the wedding party at the time and location of their choice OR if you prefer they will give you $100.00 cash to throw a fitting party at your home, restaurant, tavern, or other location.  They then show up in their mobile fitting unit and fit all the guys at one time.  It takes about 7 minutes for each gent.  It gets better – they will deliver the tux early in the week of the wedding (Monrday or Tuesday) to the preferred location so all last minute issues can be avoided.  And finally, they pick up the tux as well!  It’s the easiest way to rent a tux.

Mobiletux Fitting Party-Dinner (2)

For more information talk to Max Redmond at, or call him at 855-289-0076.   Tell them you read about this in

Rent a Tux OR Buy a Suit?

Wedding SuitGroomsmen are generally expected to rent at their own expense their tux, shoes, etc.  Most rentals end up being anywhere from $120.00 to $150.00, and more for the finer materials.  Another option is to buy a tux, but few people really have need of a tux more than a few times in their life, so that option is not a good financial choice.

A new trend that makes a lot of sense these days is for the groom and groomsmen to buy a new suit.  The great thing about this option is that the groom and groomsmen will get plenty of use out of a nice suit later, and if you’re out $150.00 or so already, why not apply that money towards a purchase.  Some guys feel a little awkward wearing a tux that they don’t know where it’s been and if your wedding is out of town, there is no rush to return that rental.

It’s not for every wedding, but it might be something to consider.