Trash the Dress Wedding Photography

Trash the Dress is a current post nuptial trend that can be a lot of fun.  After you are married and now that you have made a commitment to each other do you really need that dress?  So, why not trash the dress and get some fun picture while you do it?  Generally speaking most dresses only get wet or dirty, but it’s really up to you.

Image 3 Trash the Dress

Waterfront locations are many brides’ first choice, but you could also include city streets, fields, or abandoned buildings.   Many times this session is scheduled several weeks after the wedding but there is no set time.

Just how far will you go?  Send us your photos.  (

Add a Custom Wedding Sign for Fun


Wood Signs


I find it a lot of fun, the newest trend to personalize your wedding with custom wedding signs.  Some couples after the wedding will take these signs and make wall décor with them for their new home.  What a great keepsake.

Some say:

  •  “Here Comes the Bride”
  • “Jane and Bob – Wedding Date”
  • “Happily Ever After Starts Here”
  • “Just Married – Mr. & Mrs….”
  • “Welcome to our Wedding – Jane and Bob.”

Some are a little different, such as:

  •  “He Asked and She Said ‘Yes”
  •  “She Said YES!”

For the treat table you might see:

  •  “Take a Little, Take a Lot, Enjoy These Treats, We Tied the Knot.”

Another version that you will see are the signs on the back of the couple’s chair:

  •  “Mr. xx & Mrs. xx”

One that I particularly like is:

  • “As two families are becoming one, we ask that you choose a seat, not a side.”  (I find this a must have sign to use if the number of guests is lite on one side.)

And if you are a romantic, you will like the signs that say:

  • “Once in a while in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a Fairytale”
  •  “Saying, ‘I Do’ today means I will Love You Forever”

And here’s one more really good one:

  •  “Last Chance to Run!”

Here in our area, I recently found a local company that designs fabulous wedding signs on old barn wood. Crazy Creations in Wentzville paints on old barn wood.  They can custom create anything your heart desires.  Check them out in our vendor list.

Have fun and add some humor to your festivities.  It’s a special day.

Wedding Sign One

Wedding Sign Two

Rent a Tux OR Buy a Suit?

Wedding SuitGroomsmen are generally expected to rent at their own expense their tux, shoes, etc.  Most rentals end up being anywhere from $120.00 to $150.00, and more for the finer materials.  Another option is to buy a tux, but few people really have need of a tux more than a few times in their life, so that option is not a good financial choice.

A new trend that makes a lot of sense these days is for the groom and groomsmen to buy a new suit.  The great thing about this option is that the groom and groomsmen will get plenty of use out of a nice suit later, and if you’re out $150.00 or so already, why not apply that money towards a purchase.  Some guys feel a little awkward wearing a tux that they don’t know where it’s been and if your wedding is out of town, there is no rush to return that rental.

It’s not for every wedding, but it might be something to consider.