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How to Have a Country Wedding

Getting married on a farm or family homestead?   Perhaps you have chosen a location such as Dodson Orchards, Overlook Farms or the Rocking J. Ranch.  Country chic is influenced by the nature that surrounds the area.    It’s time to beg, borrow, and buy items that appeal to your unique style.  Arrangements of sofas and comfortable sitting areas, along with lots of pillows add to the comfort.  Trunks, old doors, windows and lanterns (if permitted) can add jazz to the guest area.

For the reception area many brides like to use antique china of all different colors and patterns, old dollies, and perhaps burlap runners.  I also like the pink or green color glass serving pieces.  Table centerpieces can be made using various styles and types of vases or antique pitchers filled with natural groupings of wildflowers.  Another possibility is old mason jars as is, or the new trend – painted silver or gold.  Rustic décor can be found at resale and estate sales and there are two companies here in town that rent items as well:  Finch Vintage Rental ( and Worn Vintage Rentals (  And finally, church rummage and basement sales can offer some great opportunities to find your décor at a bargain basement price.

Door Image from rusticweddingchic

Natural bouquets can be very stylish as well as save tons of money.  Sunflowers are a natural, and early in the year you can see bouquets made with peonies, roses,  bridal wreath, and other early spring flowers.  And best of all, you can make your bouquets yourself.


Other ideas might be hay bales for guests to sit on, boots for all those in the wedding party, burlap table runners and bows, and lots of outdoor lights or lanterns strung around the area.   Make available ice cold lemonade in a huge antique lemonade jar to keep your guests hydrated.  And one of my favorite idea, hire a horse drawn wagon to make your exit after you exchange your vows.  Then make it available for guests for a fun ride around the farm.

Sign and directions

The best part about country chic is that you can add your personality to the wedding and have a wedding that can be easy on the budget.  However, be sure to make adequate arrangements for inclement weather.    Are you planning a country wedding?  Share with us your ideas.


Custom Wedding Portrait

As many of you know, I am always scouting for new and different products that relate to weddings.  Because a wedding is such an important day, a cornerstone of your life, here is something that I think is really special.

Here is a photo of the Cabanne house in Forest Park with the inclusion of her daughter and now son-in-law in the painting.   This was where her daughter and son-in-law celebrated their vows, and what a wonderful, yet affordable, piece of art.  Note that depicted in the artwork on the front porch is the couple themselves in their wedding attire!

This custom portrait that will be hung in their home will always bring back memories of their special day. Compared to cost of the wedding, this is a small investment for a cherished keepsake.  If you have chosen a venue that has meaning to you, this would be a gift that would always be welcomed – so brides put this on your gift list.   Check our Karen Raidy at


Wedding Video Gone Viral

A video posted online Monday (April 7, 2014) shows a priest who stunned wedding guests at the end of a ceremony with an amazing rendition of “Hallelujah” — and it’s gone viral since it was uploaded.

The footage of Father Ray Kelly delivering a pitch-perfect version of Leonard Cohen’s legendary song has received more than 250,000 views in just two days.

This is definitely worth a listen.  Enjoy!

Destination Weddings

There has been an increase in what is known as destination weddings – those weddings held where neither the bride nor the groom lives or necessarily has family. It has been estimated that one in ten weddings are destination weddings – a massive increase over the last decade.

Beach Wedding

Today’s couples marry later in life as compared to 15 or 20 years ago and they are often more well-traveled, plus they may want something more exotic. Top destinations for U.S. couples include:

  • Mexico – It’s close and couples love the warm, sunny weather, culture, coastlines and wide choice of accommodations.
  • Hawaii – No passport required and great almost any time of year.
  • The Caribbean – Fine boutique hotels and price competitive all-inclusives attract many couples.

No matter which destination you choose, using a reputable Destination Wedding Specialist who knows all of the ins and outs of the particular resorts you have chosen will be invaluable.  Plus most will be able to get you a better deal and more extras than you can all by yourself – plus it’s a lot less stress.

Check the “travel” category of our vendor listings for companies that you may wish to consider.  We do recommend two companies:  The Honeymoon Gal ( and All About Honeymoons (    As you may recall, Veronica of The Honeymoon Gal provided the $500 Grand Prize toward a honeymoon package at our last workshop/show.

Sealed in a Box

Wine Box Wedding Ceremony


Couples have adopted this really neat wedding day moment.  They have a simple wooden box at the ceremony site that they will seal right before they say their vows.  But before this box is sealed they add personal letters to one another, a bottle of wine, or any other sentimental items that they wish to include.  Some include well wishes from family and friends.  It can contain whatever you want.


Some couples plan to open this on their 10th anniversary, and other couples agree to open it when either of them feel the marriage is facing difficulty and it is their plan that the contents of this box allows them to go back to a time that they were deeply in love.   What do you think about this?