Receptions with a Different Twist

Are you the kind of bride that wants to see your guests and friends having a great time and mingling at your reception?  A reception is a party and creating a party atmosphere can be easily accomplished with food stations.  From a carving station to a pasta station, guests can enjoy a night to remember that is truly special.  Here are some ideas of different food stations that you might consider:

Carving Station – Smoked Turkey, Honey Ham, Prime Rib

Mashed Potato Bar – Provide toppings such as cheese, bacon, spices, blue cheese, sour cream, onions, green peppers, etc.    Add seasonings for French fries and sweet potato fries.  How about some homemade potato chips.  The possibilities are endless.

Pasta station – mostaccioli, macaroni and cheese, chicken with bow tie pasta, etc.

Barbeque Station – Ribs, Pork Steaks, and Brats to name a few.

Nachos Station – Build your favor nachos with Mexican toppings.  Add a pitcher of margaritas for more fun.

Taco Station -

Hot Dog Station – Wow!  I love this.  Include a variety of sausages as well.  Put toppings in clear glass jars.  Provide a variety of homemade pickles, pepper rings, sauerkraut.  Maybe have a selection of local microbrew beers.

Bread Station – What about lots of different breads, rolls, jellies, peanut butter, almond butter, honey butter.

Popcorn Station – Yes, lots and lots of great choices here.  Be sure to check out Poptions in Kirkwood for a wonderful selection including Gooey Butter, Chocolate Pecan Praline (my favorite), Aged White Vermont Cheddar and many, many more.

Popcorn Bar -

I think you get the idea.  It is lots of fun.  Guests love it.  Be sure to forego the ordinary and try to think of fun ways to serve everything!  Vintage dishes can be used for many of the stations.

These mini buffets are scattered throughout your reception area and are the perfect solution for non-traditional reception spaces.  Don’t be afraid to implement your own ideas.  Have fun.

Brideatfoodstation -


The Unplugged Wedding – A Great New Trend

More and more brides are insisting that guests turn off their cell phones because all the ringing and flashing can be very disturbing during their wedding ceremony.  And in addition, many professional wedding photographers are very outspoken about how cellular devices get in the way of capturing some great photos.  With guests holding up their I-pads, Cell Phones and Consumer Cameras, many great moments are totally ruined.  Technology allows people to take photos at a moment’s notice, but there is no way that you can compare the quality of those images to that of a professional photographer.  In addition, most couples really want their guests to be sharing the “experience and emotions” of exchanging those vows.

Unplugged Sign -

Here are ways to gently ask your guests to honor your wishes:

  1. Have a sign created that is placed at the ceremony entrance requesting all technology devices be turn off, and to refrain from taking photos during the ceremony.
  2. Ask your wedding officiant to remind guests to silence their phones and not to take photos – leave it to the professionals.
  3. Add a note to your invitations – letting guests know that you will be having an “unplugged wedding.”

The Destination Wedding Trend


There has been an increase in what is known as destination weddings – those weddings held where neither the bride nor the groom lives, or necessarily has family there.  It has been estimated that one in ten weddings are destination weddings – a massive increase over the last decade.

Today’s couples marry later in life as compared to 15 or 20 years ago and they are often more well-traveled, plus they may want something more exotic. Top destinations for U.S. couples include:

  • Mexico – It’s close and couples love the warm, sunny weather, culture, coastlines and wide choice of accommodations.
  • Hawaii – No passport required and great almost any time of year.
  • The Caribbean – Fine boutique hotels and price competitive all-inclusives attract many couples.

longdresstrainNo matter which destination you choose, using a reputable Destination Wedding Specialist who knows all of the ins and outs of the particular resorts you have chosen will be invaluable.  Plus most will be able to get you a better deal and more extras than you can by yourself – and it’s a lot less stress.

Check the “travel” category of our vendor listings for companies that you may wish to consider.  With so many couples now having most of the basics they need for daily life, contributing to a Honeymoon Registry is a nice gift that all couples can enjoy together.


So what do you think?

Wedding Guest Table


So, what do you think?

Last December I reached out to a number of experts in the wedding industry and asked, “What are your predictions for future weddings?”  Let me share with you some of what they expect, and then I would love to hear back from you as to how you feel about their ideas and predictions.  Email us at


  1. More brides will wear hair crowns rather than traditional veils.  This trend has been seen on lots of runways and was prominent with the designers.  I am told that brides are looking for more glamorous details.  So beside hair crowns, they will be adding bows, headpieces, braids and other similar types of accessories.
  2. Bridal Dresses are in transition. More designers are making convertible wedding dresses – brides can transform from ceremony to reception with the long to short skirt.   Pockets are being added – that’s great!   How many of you brides have asked for pockets to hold that hankie, lipstick, etc.   Off the shoulder wedding dresses and low backs will be hot!
  3. Metalics! Gold, Copper, Silver.  You will see it in décor, dresses, invitations, centerpieces – everywhere!  Brides are going back to that touch of elegance.
  4. Pinterest is out! Why copy what someone else has done?  Brides are adding their own style, theme and ideas.  The bride of 2016 wants to enjoy her wedding – it’s not a fashion shoot!  In fact, more brides want only one photographer, and one who is capturing the story of the day discreetly.  Most brides will dedicate a small amount of time for an elegant bridal portrait, and then let the party time begin.  And, more and more brides are going away from running around town with their wedding party, capturing the same type of images with different background.
  5. Rustic is out. Classic Vintage is still trending.  Many brides look for unique décor that inspires their theme and style.  Many old world pieces of art are being used as centerpieces, with the couple then displaying those items in their home.  Gone are the 15 hurricane candle holders and floating candles.
  6. Fewer Guests. More intimate weddings.  Budgets are very tight and couples are limiting their invitation list to select friends and family.    The trend is definitely toward fewer guests.


So – what do you think?

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Say “Goodbye” to Stilettos!

If your feet hurt – you feel terrible – and is that any way to spend the most important day of your life?

Let’s face it, there are lots of reasons NOT to wear stilettos including the risk of falling flat on your face, the difficult task of wandering down the garden path for photos, and perhaps the fact that it makes you look way too tall!   Take a look at these today brides and how they put style under their dress.


So, what will you be wearing?

Main Photo

Blue Jewel Flats


Gullet-262 (2)

Bare Sandels