Brides – Tell Us How We Can Better Help YOU has been growing, growing, and growing and we love hearing from you – our brides.  We are getting ready to launch the next update to our web site and want to know how we can better help you.    Here are some items we are considering:

A Countdown Clock to know exactly how many days are left until your big day.

Vendor Tracking – Tracking all your favorite vendors, and keeping a list of the wedding professionals you have hired.

Personal Calendar – Keep track of all due dates for payments and appointments.

My Favorites – Images and ideas saved from our website/blog that you want to remember

Budget Planner – See where you are spending your money and where you are within your budget.

My Checklist – A personal interactive list can where you can add or delete items and keep notes.

We want to hear from you.  What will help you?

Longer Length Veil 2

Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Contest – Voting Ends Soon

You have just a few more days.  Here are ideas submitted by you, our readers.  Go to our Facebook page,,  and tell us your favorite, vote by commenting here, or email us at and tell us which idea is your favorite.  We want to hear from you.  Please provide the number and the name of the person who submitted the idea.  Voting continues through the end of April, and the submission with the most votes is the winner of our $25.00 gift certificate for a dinner for two.  Vote for your favorite idea now!
Music Keepsakes

1.  Kathy from St. Charles:  I plan to incorporate my Native American culture into my wedding to reflect my Indian heritage by adding lots of Native American artifacts into the décor and table decorations.  My dress will have symbolic colors of orange, blue, and black.  My mother gave me some beautiful Turquoise and Silver Jewelry.  I have brothers that will play the drums and flutes.  It should be a lot of fun.

2.  Sarah from St. Louis:  On our first date we went to The Hill and had an Italian meal, so we have decided to replicate that meal at our reception.

3.  Jenny from St. Louis:  Our First Dance will be totally unexpected and different.  We both love to dance and this will NOT be your traditional first dance.  Fun, Upbeat and Vibrant would be words to describe the music and the crazy dancing.

4.  Heather from Arnold:  We both love Halloween and we are requesting all our guests to dress in costume.  Our wedding is October 31st this year!

5.  Jen from Fenton:  We are having a very small wedding with only 10 couples so we are giving each couple a bottle of our favorite wine.

6.  Hillary from Chesterfield:  We are planning to have an outdoor wedding and during the wedding each guest will receive a special cocktail to give a toast right after we say our vows.

Tropical DrinkWeb

7.  Joanne from St. Louis:  Each guest will receive a personally signed “Thank You for coming to our wedding” at their dinner place at the reception.  This note is placed on the back of a 4X6 Engagement Photo.

8.  Kaitlyn from Florissant:  We plan to give each guest (couple) a tree to plant as a remembrance of our wedding.

9.  Kate from Granite City:  My ladies will all be dressed in different colors of the rainbow and the guys will wear coordinate bowties.    I feel that making the gals wear the same color just is so dated.  Plus they can pick the color that is best for their complexion.

10. Lindy S. from St. Louis:  I am a graphic artist so I am creating a monogram with our initials that we will use everywhere on all our décor.

Couple with Dog

11. Amanda from St. Louis:  We are having my future husband’s dog as his best man.   His dog saved his life several years ago and Jake is his very best friend.   We will also have a second “Best Man” – human.

12. Lori from Ballwin:  We are having the wedding at my parent’s farm and we will be filling the ceremony area with lots and lots of candles.  Plus each guest will have a candle.  Our ceremony will occur just as the sun has set.

13. Megan from Collinsville:  We are big bikers – so we are making our grand exit on his motorbike.  I found a second “reception” outfit where the skirt is very short, with pants underneath, to make my grand exit.

14. Jill from Union:  We both have children by a first marriage.  We will recognize the union of a new family by asking each one of them for their blessing for this marriage.

Musician Entertainment

15. Deshondra from Feguson:  We love music and love to sing.  We are designing our whole wedding around the music theme and plan to have friends play at our reception.  We are making a CD with some of our own “original” songs to give to our guests.




More on “What Does Love Mean to You”

While we are on the topic of love, I thought I would post the lyrics to Weird Al Yankovic’s  “If That Isn’t Love” for additional inspiration.  Send us your comments and photos and tell us “What does Love Mean to You”.  The best responses and photos will be posted here and on our Facebook page   So, what does “Love Mean to You?”

Couple kissing


“If That Isn’t Love”

ooh yeah
I’m your shelter from the storm
you’ll know I’ll always have your back
I’ll even let you warm your freezing hands inside my butt crack
I never get out my leaf blower when Oprah is on
and when you’re telling me about your feelings I try not to yawn
and when we’re at parties I don’t talk about your spastic bladder
when you’re cleaning the gutters on the roof I hold the ladder

and if that isn’t love
if that isn’t love
if that isn’t love
i don’t know what love is
nanananananana nanananano i guess i don’t know
ahhhh listen now

there’s a microscopic bit of milk left in the refrigerator
i coulda finished it off but i quit in case you want a tiny little sip for later
and if you cut the cheese then maybe i’ll wink and say the dog’s to blame
and i’ll make sure to call you baby everytime i forget your name
i’ll even tell you girl when you start looking fat
‘cuz all your so-called friends will probably neglect to mention that

and if that isn’t love
if that isn’t love
if that isn’t love
i don’t know what love is
nanananananana nananana well then I don’t know
oh no
even though you make me sit through Mamma Mia!
well I still adore you
i’ll kiss you even if you have omelettes for breakfast
and i can’t stand omelettes
after I take a bath
if its still warm i’ll leave the water in there for you
i’ll give you my word
you’re so beautiful you make a glorious sunset look like a big fat turd
everytime I see you trying to lift some really heavy thing
you can always count on me to help by saying something encouraging
if you get drunk and pass out i’ll never sharpie up your face
and I don’t wipe my nose on your couch even though that’s a super convenient place
i totally support every idiotic thing you do
and i almost never pretend you’re someone else when i’m making out with you
and if that isn’t love
if that isn’t love
if that isn’t love
i don’t know what love is
nanananananana no i don’t know what love is
nanananananana well I don’t know what love is
I don’t know what love is

Welcome to Our Newly Engaged

Lauren Dorlauqe BSLHere is a shout out to our newly ringed and engaged brides-to-be.  Welcome! is delighted to have you join our family of wedding specialists all here to help you have a most magical wedding.  We are the largest and most complete wedding resource on-line for St. Louis/St. Charles area brides.  You can find just about everyone in the wedding business right here because our vendor list includes everyone – not just those who pay to advertise.  Plus we have over 56 categories including butterfly/dove releases, jewelry, lingerie, photographers, planners, DJs, videographers… name it – there are here!

In addition, please register now for our most popular “Engaged! – For Sweethearts” workshop/show.  Here you will learn everything you need to know about planning your wedding and have fun with over 18 mini seminars from dance lessons to learning about up lighting.   Right now you can receive FREE ADMISSION by sending us a photo of your beautiful ring.  Send that to no later than 1/2/14.  Here is an image of one of our submissions from Lauren.  Also send us the story of your proposal and be entered into our drawing for a $40.00 Gift Certificate from any of our wedding vendors at the “Engaged! – For Sweehearts” workshop.

Share with us your dreams, your needs, and let us know how we can better help you.  Be sure to opt-in to our bi-monthly newsletter for exclusive deals from our vendors.  And connect with us on Facebook to see what’s happening and what others brides are saying.


Enjoy the Moment!

Bride and Groom holding hands

When you walk down the aisle and join hands with your husband-to-be, it is one of the most emotional moments of your life.  You have come together to begin a life united as husband and wife.   And quite naturally, this is a time that your guest should be totally focused on what is happening.  BUT, so many guests are clicking away with their camera phones, capturing a so-so image that they probably will toss at a later point in time, when they really should be focused on the wedding ceremony.  Many brides are asking their guests to ditch the phones and cameras and truly be a PART of the ceremony.  As a bride you have spent lots of time, energy, and money to create your dream wedding, and while many guests might disregard this request, it really brings the focus back on the purpose of the day.  How do you feel about this “No Photos” rule?

What does your Wedding Color say about you?

The color pallet of a wedding can indicate the season, such as Oranges & Browns for Fall, Pinks for Spring, etc.  However…color can also speak of your individual personality and the relationship that you share with your significant other.  I think Mondays deserve just a little fun to lighten up the back to work day, so let’s see what color expresses who you are?

Black (the newest trend) is classic, intense, and demonstrates a strong opinion about design and sophistication.  It is timeless and elegant and can compliment almost any other color.

Black BSL

Purple (or eggplant, plum, etc.) is associated with royalty.  Devotees of deep purple shades are creative, talented, and provocative.

Purple BSL

White (or Ivory) is symbolic of a fresh, clean start.  White has a strong connection with purity, youth, and perfection.  It represents peace and tranquility.  It may also symbolize a desire for simplicity of the simple life.


Red represents those who are impulsive, outgoing, and strong willed.  Couples who choose red are dramatic, optimistic and have a strong, dominating spirit.  Red is the color of strength, health, and vitality.

Yellow BSL

Yellow is for couples who are creative and idealistic.  It expresses happiness, cheer, wisdom, optimism and hope.  It is the color choice of someone with a sunny and shrewd personality.


Blue is the color of trust, honesty and loyalty.  Those who choose blue are more conservative and introspective.  Blue is smoothing, compassionate, calming and tranquil.

Orange BSL

Orange represents happiness and is a good choice for couples with an exotic sense of style.  Couples who choose this color tend to be trendy, enthusiastic, fearless, and flamboyant.  Orange people are curious and restless.

Pink BSL

Pink is playfulness and sweetness.  Pink people require affection and like to feel loved and secure, and tend to appear charming and gentle.

Green BSL

Green is an earthly color that symbolizes fertility, balance and growth.  It’s a common choice for eco-friendly brides.  Green is a choice of couples that are fairly sociable, modest, and patient.

Brown2 BSL

Brown relates to security, protection and contentment.  Those who choose brown tend to be very solid and substantial, conscientious, and dependable.

So, what is your color?