Are you considering a Wedding Hair Wreath?

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Romantic hair wreaths are one of my favorite new trends that you see more and more. It’s a great alternative for an offbeat bride who cares for something fresh and youthful for her wedding. It’s especially good for that “organic” garden style wedding in an open meadow or backyard. Couple your wreath with a casual relaxed dress, perhaps some ruffles and soft flounces, and then add a pair of comfortable sandals.

We like these wreaths because they are cute, ultra feminine and very couture-like. Fresh flowers and herbs available during the summer months offer a huge selection of colors, flowers, and styles. You could also add some twigs, vines, cherry blossoms, and berries. Make it small and delicate or create a more whimsical style. And circular wreaths symbolize marriage – a complete circle.

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So what do you think?

So, what do you think?

Last December I reached out to a number of experts in the wedding industry and asked, “What are your predictions for 2016 weddings?”  Let me share with you some of what they expect, and then I would love to hear back from you as to how you feel about their ideas and predictions.  Email us at

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  1. More brides will wear hair crowns rather than traditional veils.  This trend has been seen on lots of runways and was prominent with the designers.  I am told that brides are looking for more glamorous details.  So beside hair crowns, they will be adding bows, headpieces, braids and other similar types of accessories.
  2. Bridal Dresses are in transition. More designers are making convertible wedding dresses – brides can transform from ceremony to reception with the long to short skirt.   Pockets are being added – that’s great!   How many of you brides have asked for pockets to hold that hankie, lipstick, etc.   Off the shoulder wedding dresses and low backs will be hot!
  3. Metalics! Gold, Copper, Silver.  You will see it in décor, dresses, invitations, centerpieces – everywhere!  Brides are going back to that touch of elegance.
  4. Pinterest is out! Why copy what someone else has done?  Brides are adding their own style, theme and ideas.  The bride of 2016 wants to enjoy her wedding – it’s not a fashion shoot!  In fact, more brides want only one photographer, and one who is capturing the story of the day discreetly.  Most brides will dedicate a small amount of time for an elegant bridal portrait, and then let the party time begin.  And, more and more brides are going away from running around town with their wedding party, capturing the same type of images with different background.
  5. Rustic is out. Classic Vintage is still trending.  Many brides look for unique décor that inspires their theme and style.  Many old world pieces of art are being used as centerpieces, with the couple then displaying those items in their home.  Gone are the 15 hurricane candle holders and floating candles.
  6. Fewer Guests. More intimate weddings.  Budgets are very tight and couples are limiting their invitation list to select friends and family.    The trend is definitely toward fewer guests.

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So – what do you think?

20+ Ideas to Personalize Your Wedding

I am going to start you off with 20+ ideas to personalize your wedding, and by the time you get to the bottom of this list, you will have probably thought of several things as well.  Here we go:


Dress doors and entrances with flower garlands and fabric swags.

Have a garden wedding and hang lanterns lit by candles from sturdy branches.  At night keep guests warm by setting up ceramic chimineas (small outdoor firepots) or bring in a fire pit.

Food Stations – South Sea Island Menu & Drinks, Mexican Station, Sushi Bar, Mashed Potato Bar, Salad Bar, Pasta Bar — anything goes.

Order your own wedding Converse shoes as dancing shoes for the reception.  (Order from

Converse Show Example -

Converse Show Example –

Don’t number the reception tables – name them after your favorite places, pets, travel destinations, movies, songs, etc.

Add a line for a DJ song request to your RSVP cards.   (Image

RSVP Request for Dance Songs -

RSVP Request for Dance Songs –

Brand your wedding with a logo or monogrammed initials that are displayed everywhere – napkins, favors, etc.

Pick wedding colors that mean something to you.  Cardinal Fan – it’s definitely Red.  Missouri Tiger fan – go for that Black and Gold.  You get the idea.

Why not choose a getaway vehicle to compliment your theme – Humvee limo, antique Rolls Royce, Motorcycle & Side Car, any 30s – 40s or 50s car, London style double decker bus, or just an old yellow school bus.  If you are getting married by the water, think about a boat for your getaway.

Serve your drinks on “My Two Cents” coasters.  (Image –  Order at

Choose a venue that fits your theme – Moto Museum in downtown St. Louis has over 50 antique motorbikes, Kemp Auto Museum.  Like animals?  Check out the Zoo.  If you like to garden – there are lots of choices like Missouri Botanical Garden, the Lily Pond at Tower Grove Park, or the Jewel Box

Pick an unconventional start time – like 5:12 – the exact time that you first meet, or when he proposed.

Create a signature drink.  Check out to find drinks that match your wedding’s theme and color.   Have bartenders rim guests’ glasses with salt or sugar in your wedding colors.  Want to conjure us some glamour…add a fountain that gushes champagne or your speciality drink.

Love vintage.  Rent vintage china, linen and décor.  Choose flowers that reflect the period like lavender, jasmine, etc.  Mix and match seating options using couches and chairs with pillows.

Bottle your own wine complete with romantic custom labels.  Serve at the reception or give as gifts.

For a great departure, provide sparkers for guests.

Love to dance?  Jitterswing the night away.  Be sure to pick a band that plays your favorite 50s, 60s, 70s tunes.

Elegant invitations are appropriate for elegant weddings.  But if your wedding theme is designed around a theme that shouts “YOU”, make the invitation appropriate to the theme.  For example, if you both love western movies and horses, and plan to have a barn wedding – send something more appropriate to the theme.   Perhaps send a red bandanna and invite your guest to dress appropriately.  Ask your guest to wear their favorite boots and western hat.

Put a guest book next to the photo booth.  Ask guests to make an additional photo to paste in the guest book.   They can add their personal message on that page as well.

Serve up decadent chocolate truffles, custard from Ted Drewes, or popsicles spiked with liquor.

Ask your videographer to set up a stationary camera and let guests record messages – a video guest book.

Hire specialty musical performers for a brief performance at the reception – conga players, banjo, and even a bagpiper.   It adds a lot of excitement to the evening.

Let everyone have a good time – set up blackjack and casino card game tables.

Give guests the words to your first dance and let the guests serenade you as you dance.

And finally, serve the super popular, tiny white castle hamburgers at 11pm before your guests leave.


Wow, the ideas are endless.  So, we want to know what you are planning to make your wedding special. Send us your ideas now, and we will be posting them during the month – both on our blog and on our Facebook page.   Everyone who submits their ideas will receive a complimentary ticket to our January 24th, 2016 bridal show at The Christy Banquet Center.

Brides – Submit your Most Disliked Cheesy, Pinterest Type Posed Wedding Photos

Over the years I have talked to many wedding professional photographers who hate shooting those “cheesy” Pinterest type photos.  The new trend is more candid and storytelling images, but that doesn’t mean these “posed” shots have disappeared.   Perhaps it’s the bridal party running down a hill, or it’s the bridal party jumping in the air.   What’s your most disliked photo?  Submit your photos to and we will share them with you in the next few weeks.  We will take the top ten and allow you to VOTE for your most disliked at our January 24, 2016 Bridal Show at The Christy Banquet Center.  Let’s hear from you!Cheesy Photo 1

What Kind of Bride Are You?

The Visionary Bride

Visionary Bride
The Visionary Bride has a clear and distinct vision of exactly what she wants her wedding to be.  There is no hesitation or uncertainty about the look, the feel, and type of wedding she wants.   She doesn’t want to be overwhelmed with facts and figures.   If you are a “visionary” you may need expert assistance to help pull together the entire wedding unless you are willing to spend an enormous amount of research time and telephone time to find the right vendors to complete your vision.  A good professional wedding planner can make your vision stunning.    You’re been dreaming about your wedding since you were a little girl.  Such a romantic!  The Visionary Bride knows exactly what she wants.

The Functional Bride

Functional BrideAs a Functional Bride you are certainly capable of planning your wedding completely.  You are the bride that will create a budget.  You respect quality and look for value.  You will consider options that fit within the parameters that you have set.   You most likely honor tradition and prefer simple elegance to over the top extravagance.   You most likely would enjoy the benefits of hiring a Day of Coordinator to keep things running smoothly.   You were successful in school and life in general and appreciate what typically takes a lot of hard work.   You will analyze everything in terms of the big picture.


The Savvy Bride

Savvy BrideThe Savvy Bride wants something extraordinary and is usually immune to traditional choices.  If you are a Savvy Bride you prefer something different, upscale – something with flexibility and choices.  You are the bride who always has certain flair, wants to make a grand entrance, and keeps everyone overwhelmed about what to expect.  It is all about you.  Quality is important.  You want to make a statement and are not afraid to express your personality in a trendsetter fashion.   Your wedding revolves around anything that will ensure everyone leaves feeling like your wedding was the ultimate of all weddings.


The Bewildered Bride
Beautiful Bride Wide Desktop BackgroundThe Bewildered Bride is totally lost!  She feels overwhelmed in planning a wedding and most likely doesn’t have a budget or plan.  Decisions are difficult.  As a Bewildered Bride you will tend to change your mind often.    Every bride wants her wedding to be a wonderful experience, but without a clear direction, the Bewildered Bride’s day could end up looking more confused than customized.   If you are a Bewildered Bride you will ask for approval and request input from others – and you will depend on your close personal friends to help you.

The Fascinator

Bridal4A style enjoying a huge resurgence in the head covering department is a hat called the Fascinator.  Fascinators are whimsical, frivolous headpieces, usually involving feathers, beads, flowers, and veiling and are worn on the head at an angle.  These hats go back to the 17th century and were worn as an alternative to hats and seen as a compliment to the elaborate hairstyles of the day.  In recent years, many brides had added a Fascinator for that elegant look.  What do you think about this as an alternative to a veil?