8 Great Reasons to Come to the Cake & Champagne BRIDAL SHOW and Tasting Event

Over the next few days we will be sharing with you 8 Great Reasons to come to the Cake and Champagne Tasting Event and Bridal Show which is being held on Thursday Evening, November 15th, 2018 at The Holiday Inn Airport West, 3400 Rider Trail South, Earth City, Missouri 63045.  Make a Note and Remember these facts….it could win you a prize that night!


Reason #1:  Champagne! 

Cake and Champagne Bridal Show Nov 15th 2018


Champagne isn’t just for the rich these days, but it sure gives you that glitz and glamorous feel.  A lot goes into a fine glass of bubbly. In fact, it takes years to craft a fine bottle of champagne. The three grape varieties used for champagne can only be grown in a certain region in France—and if they’re not grown there the beverage legally can’t be called champagne. In the 17th century, champagne started to be associated with royalty, and today it’s used by celebrities, rappers, and for every kind of celebration imaginable. But you already knew that. Here are a few fun facts you may not have known about champagne:


  1. Champagne is just sparkling wine

Yeast and sugar is added to wine for a second fermentation, which then creates the bubbles that makes champagne. This is why readers of our site will see champagne included in many wine of the month clubs, such as Vinesse’s Sparkling Wine Club.

  1. The most expensive bottle of champagne costs $2.07 million dollars

This bottle literally has a diamond ingrained in the design on the outside.

  1. The chalky remains of ancient sea-creatures are the “soil” for champagne’s grapes

The champagne region of France was actually once the floor of an ancient pre-historic sea. Now it’s the perfect foundation to grow grapes.

  1. “Sabrage” is a term for opening a champagne bottle with an actual sword

It’s only done in certain ceremonial occasions and the wielder uses the blunt side of the sword. It was made famous by Napoleon and his army when they celebrated victories in battle.

  1. It can help prevent memory loss

According to new research, one to three glasses of champagne each week could counteract memory loss associated with aging – so cheers!

  1. Marilyn Monroe took a bath in champagne

It took 350 bottles to fill up the tub.

  1. The pressure in the bottle led it to be called the “Devil’s Wine”

Early champagne manufacturers came down to their cellars to find some corks had blown out of their bottles prematurely. They attributed this to spiritual beings. This caused many champagne-makers to wear iron helmets to prevent injury.

  1. The pressure in a champagne bottle is 90 pounds per square inch

This is three times the amount of pressure than the tires on a car.

  1. The longest recorded flight of a champagne cork was 177 feet

This translates to roughly 54 meters, more than half of a football field!

  1. Dropping a raisin into champagne causes it to travel from the top of the glass to the bottom continuously

You can use this trick at parties to impress your friends!

  1. Christening ships with champagne started in Babylonia

They would pour liquid over the hull to check for holes, and this gradually turned into a ceremony using many different kinds of liquids and beverages. Champagne became the favorite in the late 1900’s. Some go to great lengths to make sure the bottle does in fact break every time.

  1. There’s currently 1 billion bottles of champagne in storage worldwide
  2. Champagne corks fly out at speeds near 25 mph

It can get this high when it’s “vigorously shaken”

  1. Queen Victoria and Edward VII especially loved champagne

They drank Joseph Perrier, which can be found in the International Wine of the Month Club” that we reviewed on our site.

  1. Workers called “Riddlers” twist champagne bottles 1/8 of a turn every day to push the “lees” into the neck of the bottle

It’s a bizarre process that makes the champagne journey that much more complex for manufacturers.

Source:  Revuezzle.com


Make a Note and Remember these facts….it could win you a prize at the Cake & Champagne Tasting Event & BRIDAL SHOW.

December 2016 Newsletter

December 2016 – Monthly News & Updates


Planning your dream wedding can be an exciting, but also overwhelming experience. So we help brides experience all the inspirations, ideas, and resources available to them, at one spectacular event, My Dream Wedding Bridal Show on Sunday, January 22, 2017 from 12 Noon to 3:30pm. Start with a complimentary mimosa, smell the flowers, taste the cakes, see the photos,enjoy a spectacular fashion show and hear the music. Whether you’re planning a small, intimate affair or a lavish, extravagant event, you’ll find everything you need to make it special. And, the first 100 brides will receive a complimentary gift from BrideStLouis.  
There is also a $200.00 GRAND PRIZE for one lucky bride!
Save by purchasing your tickets on line at BrideStLouis.com.
Tickets in advance are $5.00 and if you pay at the door they are $7.00.
You can also go to these vendors who are participating in the show to receive a COMPLIMENTARY FREE TICKET.  Tickets are available any time after December 26th, 2016.

Harter Bakery (The Winner of the 2016 Best Tasting Cake)
Buse’s Flower & Gift Shop,
The Christy Banquet Center in O’Fallon, MO
Bear Creek Golf Course (See Elizabeth) in Wentzville

mimosasBrideStLouis produces the #1 Bridal Boutique Show in the area – and our shows are different because we offer so much more.  There will be 2 FREE Seminars. One on “How to Choose Your Catering Company” and a second seminar on “Being the Most Beautiful YOU on Your Wedding Day.”

Our Shows are also FUN! We have some great surprises in store for you. Many other prizes and gifts will be awarded all day long as well.


Harter Bakery – Winner of the Best Tasting Cake in St. Louis



Congratulations goes to Harter Bakery for winning our Cake & Champagne Tasting Event earlier this fall and receiving the coveted title BEST TASTING CAKE in St. Louis. Brides, Grooms, and Guests participated in a blind taste test and voted for their favorite. Harter brought their white cake with strawberry filling and it was delicious!
They have been in the St. Louis area for many years and all cakes are made from scratch. You are sure to find exactly what you are looking for, and they can also create your custom designed cake as well. Call Montanna today at 636-464-6767 to schedule an appointment.
4050 Jeffco
Arnold, MO 63010

Blossom’s Bridal


Did you know that Blossom’s Bridal is having an End of the Year Off Rack Sale? Enjoy 55% Off Bridal Gowns!, 65% Off Discontinued Bridal Gowns, and 50% Off Bridesmaid/Mother Of Bride dresses! Hurry before they are all gone.  And the new owner is adding some new designers like the Christina Wu collection.  Blossom’s Bridal is located at 15882 Clayton Road, Ellisville.  You can also schedule an appointment by calling 636-527-7130.

15882 Clayton Road
Ellisville, MO 63011

Patrick Pope Photography’s MONSTER DEAL! 


Check out this super deal for your wedding photography. Great Photos, 2nd Photographer, Album, Engagement Photos – all with a 50% by Wedding Date Payment Program. With less then $1000 due before the wedding – you get a great way to stretch that wedding budget AND get good images. Hiring the best photographer you can afford is important because your photos will be shared with your family for years and year!


Tuscany Gallery is now OPEN!


The Tuscany Gallery & Events offers a beautiful setting indoors for the small wedding.  Experience the beauty of a ceremony in an area that resembles an Italian Courtyard with stucco like walls, water
fountains, and greenery – a beautiful venue with lots of atmosphere and character. Guests can mingle in the open areas of a casual art gallery. Plus, all weddings have the option of visiting Quail Ridge Park for spectacular outdoor photos.
Come to their GRAND OPENING Event, Thursday Night, January 12th from 5pm to 7pm.
636-887-2788 Gallery Phone
6 East Main, Wentzville, MO 63385

Buse’s Flower & Gift Shop


Buses is having a STOREWIDE Sale on Exciting Merchandise. This is a great time to get those last minute gifts. And while you are there be sure to talk with them about your wedding bridal bouquet and other floral needs.
333 First Capitol Dr. St. Charles MO
(636) 724-0148 (888) 414-8057


What’s coming in 2017 with BrideStLouis



So much will be happening in 2017.
In January we roll out our new secondary web site, www.WeddingVenuesofStLouis.com. This
site is awesome – get complete information on over 325 Venues. Includes details like room sizes, outdoor area, what’s included, catering options, and so much more! Watch for our big announce coming very soon. It’s the EASIEST WAY TO FIND YOUR PERFECT VENUE.
Thursday – January 26th, 6pm to 8pm – Wedding Planning 101
Sunday – January 29th, 1pm to 3pm – Venue Selections – – Let’s Find Your Venue
Thursday – February 16th, 6pm to 8pm Planning & Choosing Your Photographer
Sunday Feb. 19th – 1pm to 3pm; Invitations & Print Products for Your Wedding
Thursday – March 9th – 6pm to 8pm – MakeUp Hair & Being the Best You
Sunday – March 12th, 1pm to 3pm – Home Buying for Newly Weds
Thursday – April 6th, 6pm to 8pm – Flowers & Decor – Designs & More
NEW EBOOK for Wedding Planning – Available 1/1/17

March 29th – Chocolate Festival Bridal Show. This show will combine two loves – great desserts (lots of chocolate) and a great bridal boutique Show. Come taste a delicious assortment of sweets & plan your wedding. What’s not to love about chocolate!
August 24 – Our 4th CAKE & CHAMPAGE Tasting Event. Come place your vote for the BEST TASTING CAKE for 2017! Professional Wedding Vendors,champagne,cake – and great appetizers.


Making the Most of a Bridal Show

Fashion-50I don’t know about you, but I need something – anything – to help warm my soul.  You, too?  Well, why not stay warm by attending one of the many wedding expos.  To find the next wedding show,  just check the “ Shows” tab listed on the home page. Wedding shows can be fun and exciting, as you put together the pieces of your wedding day.  And they are indoors…where it’s warm!  So you can warm your body and excite your spirit.

Many brides tell me that they are thoroughly overwhelmed the first time they attend a bridal fair, so I thought it might be good to lay out a few guidelines to help you make the most of your time.

The newest trend in Bridal Shows is the smaller, more boutique shows that don’t feel like an “expos” and where you can have fun, ask questions, and  not be ran over by people just trying to get “free” stuff.  BrideStLouis’ next wedding show “YOUR DREAM Wedding” is a perfect example of the boutique style bridal show.  It will be held at The Wildwood Hotel and  you will find the top wedding professionals  in their field here.   (Here is a link to register now  http://tinyurl.com/ldwb4d8)

Here are tips to get the maximum benefit from any show:

  • Before you go to any show – print several sheets of adhesive address labels with your name, contact information, AND wedding date.  Quickly peel off a label and stick it on an inquiry sheet at any booth that you would like to receive additional information.
  • Bring your checkbook – you just might want to book or hold a date.  High demand dates can go quickly.
  • Bring family or friends you trust, and whose opinion matters.  But be careful of the size of your group.  Too many opinions – and you could be overwhelmed with indecision.
  • Invite your groom – but take him only if he wants to have a voice in this part of the wedding planning.  If this is not his thing, don’t torture him!
  • Know what you are looking for and what’s your budget.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing.

Be ready with phrases such as, “I’ll think about that.”  And always give yourself a set amount of time and make a decision.  One of the biggest causes of stress in wedding planning is not making decisions on a timely basis…and then things start to really back up and you’ll find yourself in a spin trying to finalize decisions.

Whether your wedding is a few months away or an entire year, a bridal show will help you pull everything together.

Christy from 106.5/The Arch to Broadcast LIVE from Hollywood Bride

Come meet radio personality Christy from The Arch/106.5 at Hollywood Bride. on Sunday, August 10, 2014.  She will be broadcasting live from our event from 12-2pm and will have lots of gifts and giveaway.  PLUS learn more about Christy’s Pet Project – as you know she is an advocate of adopting RESCUE DOGS from no kill facilities!   (A favorite cause of BrideStLouis.com as well.)


Hollywood Bride will host Renee from Weddings by Renee

renee (2)Renee from Weddings by Renee will present her seminar:  “Planning A Stress-Free Wedding at Hollywood Bride on Sunday, August 10, 2014 at the Hollywood Casino.

For more than 15 years, Reneé and her staff have helped a myriad of couples create the weddings of their dreams … elegant to whimsical, themed to traditional, vintage to contemporary … even a Halloween wedding and a baseball themed wedding at Busch Stadium. Reneé plans and implements every wedding with a passion to make each bride’s wedding day the most joyous day for the bride and groom as well as their families and friends.   Renee is one of the best in the business and you really don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Recap of the Holiday Inn – Route 66 Bridal Show August 24 2013

Saturday was the Holiday Inn – Route 66 Bridal Show and it was a wonderful time to meet many new couples who are newly engaged.  BrideStLouis.com extends a warm welcome to all the brides who recently opted-in at the show.  We’re glad to have you as part of our community.


And what a great day it was.  Brides and guests were treated to champagne upon arrival.  Because some brides were unable to attend, I have recapped a few vendors that made this day very special.


Ice Visions with a beautiful ice sculpture (www.icevisions.com); Patrick Pope Photography (www.PatrickPopePhotography.com) offered a $500.00 discount on the Silver or Gold Packages; Alex Waldbart Florist (www.alexwaldbartflorist.com) had a fabulous floral display and graced the tables with exquisite centerpieces; and Connie Dunglin’s Specialty Linen & Chair Cover Rental (www.cdlinen.com) adorned the ballroom with beautiful linens and chair covers.     Everything look amazing!





Guest enjoyed both a potato bar with lots of delicious toppings and an Italian pasta bar.  Wedding Wonderland (www.weddingwonderlandcakes.com) satisfied everyone’s sweet tooth with delicious cake tastings.  The food was delicious and plentiful.


Holiday Inn – Route 66 (formerly known as the Holiday Inn Viking Southwest) at 10709 Watson Rd presented their new menus and package programs.  Brides booking their wedding within 10 days of the show can receive a CASH DISCOUNT of up to $600.00 toward any of the other wedding vendors from the show.  Holiday Inn Route 66 is under new leadership and they are eager to help you plan your perfect wedding day.   They would be honored to host your special day.  Contact Sarah or Nicolette at 314-821-6600 for additional information.