Messy Getting Ready Rooms and 5 Tips for getting “INTO” the dress.

Messy Room

I love the fun and excitement of getting ready that occurs in the girl’s getting ready room.  There are lots of special moments that unfold that beg to be captured by your photographer.  Perhaps it is your sister’s special hug or gift, or your best friend’s “something old” that she has given you – all these moments are so very special.

Here is what I hate – bags, shoes, underwear, empty food containers, water bottles and a complete mess all around the room!  Your photographer will do their best to capture the events, but honestly, let’s have your girls pick up as they go – and a firm reminder from you, goes a long way.  The benefit is that your photos will not have the distractions of the messy environment, and those photos will emphasis the event and the emotion.  Remember you will be looking at these photos years from now!

And now for putting on the dress.

  • Tip #1:  Always go potty BEFORE you put on your dress.
  • Tip #2:  Be sure your photographer is there to capture the moment.  Don’t put on the dress before he/she arrives.
  • Tip #3:  Putting on your wedding dress can be an incredibly beautiful, fun and captivating moment.  Most photographers recommend that you pick one person to assist you, sometimes your mother or your maid of honor.  Having less people will make the moment more relaxed, let you enjoy it, and allow your photographer to capture more of you and your dress, rather than a sea of people.
  • Tip #4:  To keep your hair and makeup fresh, if you are putting the dress on over your head, raise your arms up and out to protect your hair and makeup.
  • Tip #5:  Put on your own jewelry.  A sea of people – adjusting your dress, adding your bracelet, one adding a necklace – just way to much going on at one time.  I see people looking like they are dressing a Barbie Doll, and the bride just trying to accommodate everyone!  It’s crazy.   Put on most of your own jewelry, but if you have one piece that’s important to you (or hard to get on) have ONE person help you with this.  Shoes do require help – who can see their feet in those big fluffy or tight dresses.

And one last, little thing.  Why do all girls hold onto their boobs?  Really?  Once the dress is on, let go!    Do you want all your photos to show you holding up your boobs?

Putting on Dress


Putting on Jewelry


Modest Bridal Gowns

What is a modest bridal gown?  A modest bridal dress provides the same high quality wedding dress BUT with sleeves and higher necklines to provide more coverage.   Some religious faiths (LDS, Christians, Evangelicals, Muslins and others) require a bridal gown that is designed with less reveal.   And honestly – these are beautiful dresses!  Very few have beading or elaborate beading to reflect an opinion that the wedding is not just about the bride, but about the couple.  If a bride’s gown completely outshines her fiancée attire, it takes away from the belief that marriage is about both the bride and the groom, not just the bride.

You will find glamorous, chic, and trendy style ( located off Highway 141 on Vance Road.  They have the largest collection in the Midwest and are priced from $250 to about $1200.00.   Debbie, the store owner, suggests an appointment especially during the busy pre-wedding season to allow ample time.

Here are some  favorites of brides:









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We are just a few weeks away from our most amazing “Engaged! – For Sweethearts” workshop/show (see front page of website for more information,www.bridestlouis. com) and I wanted to share with you some of the exciting events that are planned for that day.  To start with, I wanted to introduce you to Artizta Bridal & Formal Wear.  Artizta Bridal will be showing some of the hottest bridal fashions in our runway show including bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, tuxedos, mother-of-the-bride dresses, and flower girl fashions.  Artizta Bridal & Formal Wear is located at 130 Richardson Crossing in Arnold Missouri and offers independent, well known designer wedding gowns that are normally found in bridal boutique salons.  The owner has been designing and creating wedding dresses since she was 17yrs. old and has a passion for helping brides look as good as they feel on their special day.  Artizta would love to share the happy moment when you say “YES” to your dress.




Helpful Hints for Bridal Gown Shopping

Guest Post from Jenn Glosemeyer, Boulevard Bride


One of the most exciting parts about getting married is finding “The Dress”.  It’s probably the first thing on your list.     When it is time to go shopping keep these tips in mind.

Bridal Dress



Undergarments can drastically change the look of a dress. 

You already know that wearing a strapless bra or a regular one with clear straps is non-negotiable. Even so, I’d recommend getting your measurements taken before you start this process; being in an incorrectly-sized bra can make the entire gown look awkward on your body. Undergarments one cup size too small or a few inches too big around can make a huge difference in the fit.

Wear just enough makeup to feel pretty—don’t go overboard.
Being surrounded by a billowing sea of white fabric makes you hyper-aware of your appearance. Under-eye circles that were barely noticeable before look stark. Pale pink lipstick is drowned out by fluorescent lighting. You don’t have to get dolled up for your consultant; apply just enough so that you feel presentable. But whatever you do, DON’T apply self-tanner in the days leading up to your appointment, in order to avoid damaging any of the dresses. Also, wear your hair the way you’ve planned it for the wedding.

Tell the truth about the gowns. 

We can’t assist you properly if you don’t tell us how you really feel about the gown. “It’s beautiful,” after stepping into each dress does not help us when we are trying to feel out what you have in mind for your ideal wedding gown.  We are not the designers; you won’t hurt our feelings. Ten “no’s” will help you get to your final “yes.”

Do “the aisle test” to make sure the gown looks good from every angle. 

Go ahead, sit, shimmy, and even twirl in the gowns while trying them on—if it’s the right one, you should feel as if you never want to take it off.

Trying on wedding gowns is physically (and emotionally) draining. 

Wedding gowns are so heavy that getting in and out of them is a workout in itself!   Sometimes too many opinions and helpers can make the experience overwhelming and exhausting. Save yourself a lot of confusion by only bringing 3 or less people with you.  This should be a fun event and remember, this is YOUR wedding so consider the opinions of others, but go with your gut.

 Make Mom love you forever by trying on a dress she recommends, even if you hate it.

If Mom has been looking forward to this moment ever since you played dress-up as a little girl, oblige her just this one time and try on one of her recommendations. It’s a win-win: Either she’ll see that you were right about lace looking all kinds of wrong on you, or you may shock yourself by purchasing one of her picks.

You’ll have to sign on the dotted line for even the smallest details.

In order to buy a dress, you’ll have to commit to a certain size ahead of time, and they’re a lot smaller compared to regular clothing sizes (a bridal size 6 is equivalent to a size 2 in “normal” clothes). If you’re planning on customizing your gown by adding sleeves,or embellishments, be prepared to answer very specific questions about that as well.

Repeat after me: You are not a failure if you have to try on more than 10 gowns before finding The Gown. 

Shopping can be a scene out of a romantic comedy: The excitement in the bridal salon is palpable, you’re swilling champagne, everyone coos over how stunning you are, and you wish you could bottle how giddy you feel. What movies don’t show you are how despondent it can make you feel if it takes four, or five, or six visits before you find anything that even remotely feels like you.

Do it once, do it fabulous. 

You’re (hopefully) only going to shop for a wedding gown once in your life, so reserve the right to make the final decision yourself, and you’ll hear a silent little voice tell you which one you should choose.


Bridal Veil Options

Most of us know that the bridal veil tradition goes back to medieval times.  Some said it was used to protect the bride from evil spirits.  It was believed that the bride appealed to evil spirits because of her happiness.  And, of course, in arranged marriages of ancient times the veil insured that the groom would follow through with the wedding.    And with some religious faiths the veil symbolizes purity and modesty.

Longer Length Veil 2

Brides today don’t put the veil over the face, but wear the veil behind the head.   The veil is still a symbol of inner beauty and symbolizes that while beauty may fade, love is eternal.  I believe that the veil should be an integral part of making a bride look like a bride.

Bird Cage Veil

Picking the bridal headpiece and veil can be a matter of taste and style.  And then there is the matter of length – cathedral, chapel length, elbow length, floor length, knee length, and small bird cage netting.   On Sunday, October 13 at our bridal workshop “Engaged – A Wedding Workshop” you can try on all types of veils.  It’s a lot of fun, so be sure to save the date and let us know which is your favorite.  Also, we will be blogging about the various veils and the types of gowns that they best work with in future posts, so be sure to check back often.  See you a week from Sunday.

Long Elegant Cathedral Length


Bridal Lingerie — Flirty, Fun, and Fabulous

You’ve spent hours and perhaps travelled many miles looking for the perfect wedding dress for your dream day.   Often overlooked but extremely important is the foundation garments you decide to wear under your wedding dress.  And then, for the honeymoon after the wedding, it’s time for something a little flirty, a little fun, and a little fabulous.

The fundamental decision for what to wear under your wedding dress should be based on comfort and fit and be absolutely smooth for that sleek body line.  Many brides choose the bustier and silk panty, with some adding the super sexy look of the garter belt.  Take time when selecting your foundation wear and try it on WITH your wedding dress plenty of time before the wedding.  I can’t tell you how many emergency situations I have seen with bras and/or corsets that do not fit properly under the wedding dress.  Don’t add to your stress the day of your wedding!

A little shop that I found that offers exceptional customer service is Jule’s Lingerie (, 1370 Clarkson Road in Ellisville.   Check them out – here are a few of their items for the honeymoon.  They can help you with all your foundation needs too!