Budget Tip #6 Continued…Seven ways to have Table Centerpieces for Less

(Yesterday, we started a discussion above creative table centerpiece to save on the budget.  This is part two of that article.)

Table Centerpiece 5

4.  Autumn weddings allow you to use the décor of the season to build a beautiful table arrangement.  Pumpkins, colorful corn, fall leaves in brilliant color, gourds and, of course, those wonderful mums that are in full bloom and color.

5.  Summer weddings or beach weddings can feature an assortment of sea shells, sand displays, and you can accompany that with a fruit (in season) display, crackers, and cheese.  Set out large pitchers of lemonade or strawberry daiquiris which allow guests easy access to drinks, and in addition, it might cut down on the bar bill as well.  Embrace the season to assemble a great, low cost assortment of beautiful table centerpieces and you will save a bundle.  You can take that same thought to winter weddings with poinsettias and small Christmas trees adorned with colorful ribbons and ornaments that match your colors.

Table Centerpiece 6

6.  Why not have a lovely display of family portraits and images scattered on all of the tables to encourage guests to minge and visit.  Some of the families use photos of the couple as kids, and that’s good as well.

Table Floral 4

7.  I’m sure that after reading these items lots of ideas have popped into your head.  All of these can be done on a low budget, make the centerpieces more personal, and they can blend into the theme of your wedding.  Feel free to share with us any ideas you are implementing.  We’d all love to learn more.   Your imagination is the key to saving money.

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