A Bride’s Advice to Future Brides

We love getting emails from brides who found BrideStLouis.com so helpful.   In fact, the bride who sent us this information inspired us to collect similar information from other brides.  So, after reading the following, if you know of any brides who would like to share the details of their wedding have then submit photos and such to us at [email protected].  We welcome all submissions.

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How We Planned Our Small, Intimate & Practical Wedding

Our wedding was about our love for each other and we celebrated with a relaxed and intimate setting together with family and friends.

Our budget was $10,000

Number of Guest: 80

Where we spent the most:  Most of our budget was spent of food and drinks.  The next highest expense was to hire a professional photographer to remember the day, flowers, and all the little details.

Where we cut costs:  Two things – we limited the alcohol and we did not hire a DJ.  We created a music play list with an iPod and plugged that into speakers.

What was totally worth it:  The Photographer.   Having a professional photographer rather than just a friend was priceless.  The Flowers.  We purchased lots and lots of flowers from Sam’s and it created such a beautiful space.  The Wedding Coordinator.  She saved us more than it cost.  She had great ideas and everything got done on time, plus we were totally relaxed on our wedding day.  Most importantly, we found everything we needed and all our vendors on BrideStLouis.com cutting our planning time tremendously.

What was totally not worth it:  Adding stuff that didn’t add value.  We spent too much on little details like chair bows, special table centerpieces, etc.

Favorite Part of Our Wedding:  Reading our vows to one another was so emotional.  This was a very special part of the day.

Best advice to a new bride:  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  It just has to be fun.

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